2018 Olympics, women’s sprint in biathlon online stream

Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang is gaining momentum, and the next day after the opening ceremony, that is, today – in the case entered biathletes. The start of this event put women who played set of medals in the sprint. All the details in our online broadcasting.

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` That’s all, dear friends. I hope that the Russians will only gain momentum, and yet thank you that followed the race with us and see you soon!

` As for the girls: Tatiana Akimova took 18-th place (0 misses) and Uliana Kaisheva (2 misses) – was 30th.

` So, the podium is as follows: Laura dahlmeier (Germany), March of the Schedule (Norway) and Veronika Vitkova (Czech Republic).

` Alas, the Russian athletes were able to hold on even to the top ten. It all started from her point very well.

` Juliana on “the rack” is also missed and is now behind 1 minute and 23 seconds.

` Laura Dahlmeier (Germany) came to the finish with an excellent time. It is possible that she became the Olympic champion!

` Kaisheva made one mistake in the first shooting.

` Uliana Kaisheva went the distance.

` Fifth place is now occupied Akimova, 25,7 lag.

` Second shooting at Akimova – all right!!!

` Domracheva missed once in standing.

` Alas, for 40 seconds the gap from Akimova.

` Akimov without penalties, passed the shooting and is currently in 6th place! The gap is 10 seconds.

` The first athletes already on fire. Susan dunklee of the USA, for example, made one mistake and went to the penalty loop.

` Tatiana Akimova under 17-m number, went to conquer the distance! Godspeed!

` Lisa Theresa Hauser of Austria started at the first room we go.

` Hello, Hello, ladies and gentlemen, large and small biathlon fans! Welcome to the first race – the women’s sprint!

The first race of the biathlon tournament will be held in women. Sprint 7,5 km in Total, the race will involve participation of 87 athletes. Russia by the verdict of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) is not counted many of the leaders in Pyeongchang, and the sport that also affected, however, the Russian fans will still be someone to worry about.

The start today will be Tatiana Akimova and Uliana Kaisheva. The first will be under 17-m number, and the second – under 44. “MK” invites all lovers of sports and biathlon in particular to support our athletes and follow the progress of the race in our online broadcast that will start exactly at 14:15 Moscow time.

Remind that the international Olympic Committee (IOC) in December suspended the national team of Russia from the Olympics in 2018, allowing some Russians to compete under a neutral flag with the logo of the OAR – Olympic athlete from Russia.

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