A tax on bitcoin: “the Threatened homes, Coliseum from the state budget”

Familiar bills and coins become remnants of the past. They are replaced by virtual money — cryptocurrencies, whose popularity is growing every day. Bitcoin exchange rate broke the mark of $5 thousand, then the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov proposed to introduce for owners of digital money from the tax on income of natural persons.

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Currently in the world there are about 16.5 million bitcoins in total amount of $46 billion At the same daily carried out about 300 thousand transactions with a turnover of $1.5 billion, which is in terms of virtually any 90 billion. The trend is not left aside and our country. As reported by Google in June the Russians were looking for information about bitcoins 3.5 times more often than in early 2017.

Moreover, having received the necessary information, our compatriots are beginning mine, that is mine bitcoins at home. To do this, they manually create a “truss” — design of a frame motherboard and set her cards. Then using special software on computers night and day, calculate complex mathematical algorithms that produced the infamous cryptocurrency. The owner is only occasionally to see that the system worked smoothly, and the graphics card does not overheat.

According to miners, the cost of one “farm” is virtually any 105 thousand, and a month from one “farm” you can earn about $500-600. That is 3.5 months costs paying off, and have a chance to get a plus.

Not surprisingly, this is an easy way to make money caused a stir among our citizens began even cryptocurrency fever. As a result, now on bitcoins to profit seeking not only experienced players, but also ordinary people, whose professional knowledge is far from the financial sector or digital technology.

Of course, such a behavior of the Russians could not remain without attention of the government. Zam. Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseyev considers bitcoin “a very dangerous investment that can lead to loss of money” and suggested not to allow “ordinary people” to the cryptocurrency transactions.

Meanwhile, the communications Ministry seems to have decided to take over the functions of their colleagues from the Ministry of Finance, which is responsible for replenishment. According to the head of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov, cryptocurrency transactions should be taxed on income of natural persons. However, as explained by an analyst of the social network for investors eToro in Russia and the CIS Mikhail Mashchenko, distribute the personal income tax on bitcoins is impossible, as well as to adjust their “prey”. The fact is that the cryptocurrency market is out of reach of Central banks. This position makes it attractive and at the same time is dangerous. According to Mashchenko, before you impose a transactions tax bitcoin, giving the currency an official legal status in our country.

Lack of tax revenue from transactions with bitcoin is not the only thing that worries authorities. As told the President of Fund of information democracy Ilya massukh, “mining” of bitcoins at home several times increases the power consumption, and also greatly raises the temperature in the room. And it may be unsafe for other tenants. So Massukh refused to set up “farms” in residential homes. This issue will be raised at the next meeting of the Working group on development of Internet at the President of the Russian Federation.

However, on this account there is another view: Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev, on the contrary, believes that the Russians should be encouraged to mining cryptocurrencies. Another thing is that, according to him, allow, mine is in regions with a cold climate and a surplus of energy. By the way, is now the unofficial center of the Russian mining called Irkutsk oblast, where 1 kW/hour costs of just £ 1.01

Meanwhile bitcoin continues to rise in price. A few days ago, on 2 September, he broke the mark of $5 thousand. Experts explain the rise in price of crypto currencies in high demand around the world. Thus, according to the head of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov, bitcoin is still “in the beginning” and where his “ceiling” is hard to say. Believes in the potential of cryptocurrency and Michael Mashchenko: “the Big players pay more attention to new market and gradually use the same bitcoin to diversify their investments on a par with gold. If the trend of the serious inflow of capital will continue, until the end of 2018, bitcoins could be $9 thousand”.

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