Aircraft of the French air force and NATO conducted reconnaissance at the borders of the Russian Federation



Moscow, March 23 – AIF-Moscow.

Plane, E-3F Sentry AWACS of the French air force AWACS and similar NATO command Friday, March 23, made a long flight at the borders of the Leningrad region, writes Interfax with reference to the monitoring data of the Western aviation assets.

What is NATO and who is there?

Both aircraft perform the job of over the North-East of Estonia and South of the Gulf of Finland. French aircraft were near the borders of the Russian Federation for nearly two hours, starting around 14:00 GMT. Periodically, he almost came close to the Maritime border of the Leningrad region and was less than 30 miles from Russian Islands. Approximately 16:30 GMT it was replaced by the aircraft of NATO command. He cruised close to the sea and land borders of the Leningrad region within three hours.

According to the Agency, aircraft airborne warning and control AWACS is able to carry out exploration on hundreds of miles deep into enemy territory.

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