An, Ustyugov and 30: Russian Olympians have filed a lawsuit against the IOC

Political scandal in the International Olympic Committee went to extremes. If a month ago the Russians were outraged by the fact of disqualification of the team and the humiliating offer athletes to compete under a neutral flag, now the best Russian athletes are forced to fight to at least to such conditions to be admitted to the main competition of the planet. And even so, to prove the higher grade of the Russian school sports.


More than three dozen athletes who are not admitted to the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, filed a lawsuit to the International Olympic Committee in the first instance Court of the Tribunal of Lausanne. The Russians need urgently to oblige the IOC to allow them to participate in the Games.

“As grounds for the claim provided non-transparent nature of the applied criteria, discrimination on the basis of citizenship, unlawful decisions, and failure to comply with the verdict of CAS, damage of reputation, dignity and professional career,” says the statement of claim of the legal company “Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd.”

The plaintiffs seek to hold a hearing tomorrow, February 7.

The plaintiffs in the list – leading Russian athletes, including Viktor Antonov and his teammates short-track athletes, Anton Shipulin, Evgeny Garanichev, Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht and other biathletes, speed skaters, including – Ruslan Murashov and Anna Urukova, skiers Sergey Ustyugov and Gleb Zealous, figure skaters Ksenia hosting community and Ivan Bukin, bobsleigh, including Roman Koshelev and Dmitry Popov. Hockey Mikhail Naumenkov, Valeri Nichushkin, Anton Belov, Alexey Beregazzo and Sergei Plotnikov also joined the list of plaintiffs.

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