Approval of passenger cars for the role of a negative character is winning the Olympic PR

November 1 the international Olympic movement celebrated the symbolic date of “100 days before the Olympics”. And while the fire of the Korean Game pump was transported from Athens to Seoul, at the other end of the planet, in Lausanne, unfolded the second act of the celebration. The unprecedented decision, based on the results of the Commission under the leadership of Denis Oswald, the IOC recognized the two Russian skiers are guilty of violating anti-doping rules at the same time annulling their results at the Olympics in Sochi and is ousted for life from participation in the competition. Doubt that “something” had, but it is so strange actions of a respected public organizations worldwide was not expecting anyone.

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The candidacy of Sochi champion Alexander passenger cars on the main negative character turned up handy. Exactly one day before this, October 31 was the deadline for “provisional suspension to clarify the circumstances” of a large group of Russian skiers, which started counting down from 23 December 2016 by the International ski Federation (FIS). That, in turn, relied on the report of the independent Commission of Mr. McLaren. The IOC, which in the international calendar is directly responsible for the Olympic competitions, delicately stayed away. Then there was the thought that winter still persists on the script summer Rio: the responsibility for the final decision will be hanged, the international Federation for sports, and so will be reached a shaky compromise on the tolerance or “banning” the Russian delegation to Penchan-2018.

Why not? Skiing for the winter Olympics, there is an analogue of athletics for summer. This is a huge percentage of the total number of medal sets “medleymisty” and strong positions of the Russian sportsmen. Judge for yourself: for some reason, few people are interested in Sochi our skiers vials or masters half-pipe or slopestyle.

In Rio we made without the representatives of both athletic. Without skiers in Korea will be very close in meaning…

A preemptive strike dealt very professionally and precisely: for the most valuable medal of the winter Olympic games. I remind you that as and the marathon at the summer Games, the winners of the 50-kilometer ski marathon decided to award during the closing ceremony in the presence of tens of thousands of people, while honoring the laureates of the first person of the International Olympic Committee or policy on a global scale. These medals — the last in the competition program, and therefore are remembered longer than others. But what first aide-ZOE-2002 in salt lake city? That’s right, the disqualification Johan, Mulaga who won a ski race for 50 kilometres!

But the November decision by the IOC will be remembered better. First, no new arguments, the Commission Denis Oswald not shaken. “The conspiracy was “scratchy” on the tubes seen” – in short, nothing new. Not presented neither the positive sample. And it already means the end of the presumption of innocence in sport. Secondly, it turns out, Legkov and Yevgeny Belov from now on, a cannon shot will not podpisany before the Olympics, but their participation in starting in less than a month the world Cup-2017/18 under the auspices of FIS not said not a word. Because the suspension, as mentioned above, like all “temporary” is over, and FIS does not give for this reason explanation. And very soon skiing will put yourself in an awkward situation: “the potential customers of prohibited stimulants can theoretically get up to ski under the auspices of international organizations, but do not have the right to race at the Olympic games”. This is not double standards, and the ravings of a madman.

Federation of ski races of Russia is preparing documents in court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) and until then, any comments will not give. Of course, no other choice than to appeal to the Supreme court, in such a situation, these athletes and no FLGR. But do not really believe in the positive outcome of this litigation. In CAS has many times appealed — including about last year’s provisional suspension, which was upheld. The formulation of a strong group of Russian skiers had been frozen for almost the whole season.

A judicial decision is a question of the nearest future. As the findings of another Commission, under the leadership of Samus Schmid. In the meantime, we have this. A day countdown to the start of the XXIII winter for Russian sport come Groundhog day. In 2016, this has already passed. Just tired already.

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