Aquatic species: bronze Cyril Prosody was again denied hopelessness eighth track

After losing our swimmers in the men’s 4x100m kraevoy (gave even the third place Hungarians, although they would qualify for any medal), it was the time right to indulge in some nostalgia: how harnessed, so we will go. But Kirill prigoda on the second day, shined a flashlight medal hopes at the world championship by water kinds of sports: bronze award (59,05) in the final hundred meters breaststroke. Ahead – the Olympic champion and world record holder in this race of Adam Peaty (57,47) and American Kevin Cordes. Cyril, as often happens at sea, proved that the eighth track is not a death sentence, and family traditions need to continue.

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Kirill prigoda – far right

Now the eighth track all in the family is considered a harbinger of success. And so it was lucky: mother – Elena Volkova, 1991 world champion, 200 m breaststroke – won it, she told my son once: wonderful position! Father – Gennadiy prigoda, four-time Olympic medalist – probably nodded in consent. I knew it was still important not track, and the degree of readiness and attitude.

In General, this is the eighth track that is the weakest result among the finalists were forced to talk about yourself in our swimming. Remember the famous Eugene Korotyshkin silver at the 2012 Olympic games in London 100 m butterfly? Where there were rivals? Chad de Clos with the same time as Eugene, Yes, Michael Phelps is found.

The first world championship medal Cyril won for Russia with Russian record. World’s leaders actually have not seen our swimmers at this distance. Roman sludnov winning the sprint at the 2001 world Championships in Fukuoka, and remained for many years alone, that none of the fellow not bothered.

Cyril Prosody is now also a tradition: at the world Cup to update the record. In Kazan in 2015, the first world championship in life, so he became a finalist. This year in June his record was lost colleague Anton Chuprov took seconds in their hands. “Anton is my friend, but truth is more expensive”, like Kirill said, explaining in Budapest that the issue of record for him was fundamental. They say, good luck Anton, but “wanted to prove that the best bassist of the country 100 m not Anton, but still me.”

And so much like that two days in Hungary updated record seconds as much as three times. And with this feeling of a job well done it was easier to swim in the final. Moreover, as told by the swimmer before the championship he not only trained, but also learn to control the emotions a little let down in the final Kazan-2015.

Budapest is well controlled. Perfectly showed, by his own expression that a good start is his strong point, “I think the whole world is understood”. Russia has opened the medal box. Whether it is the door?

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