Banks go to the astral plane

Banking customers EN masse into the Internet: in credit institutions with developed online services the share of remote operations for retail products and services ranges from 30-40% to 100%. The Internet and mobile banks are gradually fading into the past: focusing on targeted users ‘ needs, bankers are developing a specialized niche solution.

The austerity course

The head of Department of development of remote technologies services and sales of the Bank “home credit” Ilya Hogs told an interesting fact. It turns out that four years ago, when the Bank wasn’t the online payment service, only 5% of customers used the services in the Network. “Today, more than 40% of customers each month use online services. And if in 2013 all went to repay loans to the Bank, now 27% of customers repay the loans in our mobile app or website,” says the expert.

From technology do not escape. Advanced digital banking is not only perceive the necessity of the era of high-tech and channel the involvement of representatives “gadgetizing” generation Z.

The translation of transactions in the online way to cut costs by unloading branches. The logic is simple: people are less likely to go to Bank offices, so some offices together with a staff can be reduced. In terms of, to put it mildly, unstable situation in the banking sector, such savings very helpful. However, the hypothesis of “EV” bankers agree only on the sidelines, preferring to talk out loud about the usefulness and pleasantness of online services.

Universal soldier

And it’s hard to argue that modern Internet and mobile, banks can do a lot of things: in the most advanced credit institutions appear and biometric projects (input fingerprint and voice), payments based on photos accounts, a very intelligent chat bots and more. Such options adorn the service, give it a competitive advantage, can be actively promoted and advertised.

However, classic is always in fashion. “The main function of the Bank — quickly make payments. If you compare a Bank with a kiosk for hot dogs, quick payments — this is hot dogs,” notes co-owner Modelbank Yakov Novikov. And it is difficult to argue. If the interface of the Internet – and mobile Bank is biometrics, but the payments are a few hours or even a few days (and this happens often, especially in state-owned banks), the Internet banking cannot be considered exemplary.

However, the speed of payments is not the only criterion. Self-respecting Internet Bank is obliged to place “living wage” functions. “Ideally, the Internet Bank must do everything he can for the functionality the Bank branch with live staff. Transfers from card to card, and details, details of transactions, viewing Analytics, and communication with the support is a minimal set. The rest can be a strong advantage but is not required,” — said the Director of marketing, Rosebank Basil master.

Among such optional, but desirable accessories orders of the statements on the card or the account from mail, the connection of family members to your account, open a safe accounts, working with cross rates, work with all accounts on one screen, connect and disconnect maximum limit of transactions on debit cards, advice on personal financial planning and more.

However, the online bankers are gradually moving away from a “salad” functions, developing niche specialized solutions for individual customer groups. For example, the appear of online services for customers with an open credit or the installment plan. They collected all the features required by the client with the loan can be used to track repayment schedule and the balance of the loan, you can make the payments. Credit organizations offer another innovation, an online service which offers the client function, depending on its needs, i.e. to adapt its short-term request. Modern people are always in a hurry and want to get what you want. Banks have to reckon with a nervous workaholics — such a time.

Business for reactionaries

However, absolute care of while online there is no question. Yes, the “physicists” and small business prefer to live without separation from the smartphone, but medium and large businesses are forced to be reactionary.

If we are talking about owners of small businesses, they desktop has long been uninteresting. Their whole life is now in the smartphone, including banking. They want to “Bank in pocket”, or “Bank in a phone”. If we are talking about accountants medium and large organizations, they are, of course, are and will be banking in the browser. You cannot enter, check and correct hundreds of payslips on your mobile phone. In addition to this, all you need to sign a qualified electronic signature, and it is poorly aligned with the smartphones,” — said the expert of the company “SKB Kontur” Olga Smirnova.

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