“Barcelona” defeated Roma in the Champions League quarter-finals: online stream

The Champions League continues to gain momentum and today, April 4, took place the next match of the quarterfinal stage. It “Barcelona” has agreed with Roma and we are by such events are not passed. All the details in our live online broadcast.

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ALL! “Barcelona” in his field defeated the “Roma” with the score 4:1, and twice happened the own goals! But in other cases, a distinguished Peak, Suarez and Dzeko. The fate of the conflict is almost solved, but the minimum the intrigue still remains.

Well, that’s all, thank you for watching live with us and see you soon!

90+2` Three minutes added by the arbitrator.

90` Kolarov free-kick is high! Oh!

88` Another attack Barcelona and Luis Suarez is at the centre of the box is all alone what he did not hesitate to use it! 4:1!


86` Denis Suarez came on the pitch instead of Iniesta.

82` Cocooooooo returns for Roma in the game! The corner, the discount on the forward and the second touch sends the ball into the goal of “Barcelona”!


80` Prooooooo again, but Ter Stegen careful!

76` And Deprel instead of De Rossi.

72` El Shaarawy came on for Florenzi.

68` Messi shot from outside the box is high!

64` Roma would be nice at least one goal to score. He will give hope.

61` Well, it seems all clear! Counterattack “Barcelona”, with the first influx of Roma goalkeeper managed, but after the second finishing off Peak – was forced to capitulate! 3:0!


59` Ran to win the Romans.

57` own goal And again! The tribe of Manolas was not in the best place to ricochet the ball into the net as Roma! 2:0!


52` Operatively Barça regained control of the ball.

48` Prettyyyyyyyy! Was able to close the canopy, but the header was inaccurate!

46` the Second half we go.

Break! The whistle blows and the teams go to rest. As expected, Barcelona had possession but sold it a very unexpected way: thanks to an own goal from De Rossi. Roma have also had a good approach to someone else’s goal, however, the score is 1-0 in favor of the home team.

Rest 15 minutes and then return to their places, all the fun is ahead!

45` the whistle to end the first half.

42` Dangerous free-kick was played for guests, but the shot went right into the wall.

39` so Yes… De Rossi’s tackle was interrupted by a pass into the penalty area Messi, and in General he did it, but the ball deflected right into the corner of the gate – 1:0!


36` Another throw in for Suarez, but the goalkeeper got to the ball before.

33` Promising counter-attack the hosts could get, but out of defense failed.

29` Again fall in the penalty Blaugrana, but Florenzi even argue it did not – all the rules.

26` the Peak calm in defense.

23` Messi is Again at the centre of our attention, but the defenders again not allowed the Argentine to strike a blow aimed!

19` Rakitic either sweep, or beat in a far corner, but in any case, the post makes a “rum”!

15` Nothing interesting it ended.

14` First corner of the match, Barca will execute it”.

10` Dzeko fell down in the penalty area, a penalty kick but the referee did not appoint! And, it seems, nothing…

8` Suarez scored a Goal! But the arbitrator commits an offside position.

7` another free kick from Messi almost found himself space to strike, but the defenders of the while on the alert.

4` Roma tried to start a moment to seize the ball, but was limited to one moment.

1` the Match has started, Poehali!

0` According to tradition, start with the starting compositions:

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, Semed, Pique, Humidity, Alba, Iniesta, Busquets, Rakitic, Sergi Roberto, Messi, Suarez.

Roma: Alison, Bruno Peres, Fazio, Manolas, Kolarov, Strootman, De Rossi, Pellegrini, Florenzi, Perotti, Jacko.

0` Hello-Hello ladies and gentlemen, big and small football fans! Welcome to match of the Champions League quarter-final where will meet Barcelona and Roma! The team will be here on the field, then begin little by little we are!

Champions League is back on the European field and has already managed to give the fans two good games, one played in real Madrid defeated Juventus in the other “Bavaria” was stronger than “Seville”. Now it is the turn of another spectacle in the center of our attention is the confrontation between Barcelona and Roma.

Of course, the favorite in this pair is the Catalan club. More stellar composition, European Cup experience, and just blue garnet stepped confidently into the quarter-finals by defeating Chelsea. “Roma” can not boast and its fans had to worry, but, after all, for the Romans had reached such a stage to advance to surrender.

Of particular benefit Barca adds the fact that to play she will be home. However, one goal of the guests is able to change the course of the two-legged duel, and someone to score goals in the Italian squad certainly, there.

What will the match “Barcelona” and “Roma”? Prove whether the Spaniards as favourites, or the club of Rome will spring a surprise? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the match at 21:45 Moscow time!

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