Basketball: “Derby Leningradka” after reaching the playoffs of the Euroleague

Basketball public were waiting-and again the date of Russia’s most popular rivals, and again “Khimki” from Moscow take CSKA Moscow. The match will begin on Friday, March 23, at 20.00, “Arena Mytischi”. This time in the framework of the Euroleague.

Egor Vyaltsev. Photo: press-service of BC “Khimki”.

It has its own special intrigue: the probability that two Russian clubs will face in the playoffs of the tournament at the first stage is still in place. And so yellow to blue, for the first time in the history overcame the group stage, you need to pass the remaining matches, do not relax, to avoid this. Although, between us, already to eat than be proud.

The player of Russian national team and in Khimki”s Egor Vyaltsev called in an interview with “MK” exit in the playoffs of the intermediate task. And this is the position of the whole team.

Three games are coming, I would get up. “To go, and there does not matter who” – no more than beautiful words. It is important how! Although glad, of course, the exit after the game against “Anadolu Efes”.

– Khimki case of subsidence in the early matches, such a purely Russian trait. But then effectively pulled themselves out of the pit…

Yeah, too bad we subside that we don’t play 40 minutes in a smooth rhythm. We are aware of and working on in training over this time. Our coach Georgios Bartzokas – experienced and titled. And the outcome will see the end of this season.

– He rarely praises team…

– Yes, he just sees that the game is not perfect. And ideal games. We are the same people. All wrong. To talk about smiles and compliments are inappropriate.

– How in the team overall, “chemistry”, as they say in sporting circles?

– It is normal. Preparing for CSKA. “Derby Leningradka”, but only in Mytishchi. We love it to speak. Developments there. But I wouldn’t share them. All you’ll see.

– Efes are you not pleased with the fact that the leadership of “Khimki”, but the whole Euroleague. Can recognize personal best match last season?

– I hope that my best match is still yet to come. And he will be in high stages of the Euroleague. People do not first day know me and they know that I can show a decent basketball. But Efes looked good the whole team, and I’m not alone. Individual performance is interesting, but not the determining factor.

So we got ahead of the last tours of the regular season. Who is running for Champions, in your opinion?

– Traditionally strong CSKA, real, now – Olympiakos, Fenerbahce… Is a frequent guest in the Final four. And as there will be the circumstances in 2018… Everything will be decided on the court. More importantly, for someone who gets into the playoffs.

– Egor, and you, by the way, satisfied with the current system is exhausting Euroleague?

– Satisfied. This is interesting. When we play with each other – it makes the League stronger. And what else to strive for?

– Well, let’s say, some hockey clubs in such a case, there were two part.

– We have two actually is. Bench is good, believe me.

– But Alexey Shved draws the strap from the fall, he had a fantastic performance.

You know how he acts. If anything, we are partners. To help Alex in all situations. One is a warrior, we have the same team sport.

– The team is ready to help?

– The team is our heart. We aim for it to play. And thank you guys for the result, for the honor of the country to protect. And the fans would say, to come to the games. We play for them. For the sake of their children, so they grow in the right direction to achieve results. The area is better tablets, gadgets, and certainly all the rest…

– Egor, one question: in a Single League that is home the national championship, Khimki suffered a lot of defeats. Some for controversial reasons, others because of the poor game. Is it possible to fix the situation?

– Failures this year, it was really too much. There it happened: injuries, schedule. Euroleague, then the VTB United League, Euroleague then again… Flights are very exhausting. Paired games. We are for 10 days now play 4 games. Though… to complain about? It is our job, we’ve the money for it get. But here’s the thing. We currently hold 5-6 th place in the Euroleague, but it’s not our potential. In my opinion, we should be in the top three. Although the playoffs will put everything in place!

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