“Before the match with “Ahmad” players “Spartaka” it was necessary to drink beer”

A week ago, it might seem that the only intrigue in the final rounds of the Premier League will be the distribution of seats in the basement of the standings: who directly together with SKA will go to Pardew, and who was destined to play toss with fate in the play-offs. But the last tour left more questions than answers. Despite the loss of points, leading in the title race “locomotive” rather reinforced their positions, but in the battle of the outsiders are all utterly confused. As, however, and in the distribution of European tours: it’s not the fact that “Spartak” will catch on, at least for the 3rd ligachampion line, while CSKA has all chances to get to the group stage of the most prestigious European club tournament directly.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

To summarize the tour we attracted a permanent expert “MK”, the famous musician Vladimir PRESNYAKOV-the senior. Our call found the Vladimir Petrovich in the hospital, where the star fan of “Spartacus” hit after losing your favorite team to tomentum in the semi-finals of the Cup of Russia.

Hero tour: the film takes revenge on Mancini

MK: In the 27th round of the candidates for the title of the main character were in abundance. Here, the author of a masterpiece of a goal in gate “Rostov” Christian Noboa, and scorer of a brace in the Central match of CSKA Ahmed Musa, and expose to ridicule the Spartak defense Bernard Berisha, and the authors of the winning goals for their teams Tashaev Alexander and Eric Bicfalvi. But we opted for Artyom Dzyuba, with whom never boring.

Recall that given the rest of the season to hire Arsenal striker under the terms of the lease agreement could take the field against Zenit St. Petersburg if Zenit will be worth about 120,000 euros. Artem said he was willing out of his own pocket to shell out the necessary funds, if only to play against a team and coach that put him on the cross. No-one knows who eventually paid, but the film appeared on the field. And scored at the right time, equalized a couple of minutes before the expiration of basic time of a match. Note that prior to this moment were in the minority.

Mancini himself said after the match that he considered rather strange, even the likelihood that loaned the player of “Zenith” is willing to pay the required for his participation in the match against blue-white-blue amount. And appreciating the game of Artyom, the Italian noted that a single goal is unlikely to seriously change his opinion about the player.

Presnyakov: Dzyuba scores when he wants to prove something. Spartak have already several times passed, now “Zenith” proves. And if he wants to prove something to the national team Stanislav Cherchesova — question. And if you get bored, you benefit from it will not. It must be able at the right time to laugh, a tickle. Now, for that special person in the coaching staff to enter? Now get out of the hospital let me invite, I am ready to answer the psychological state of collections at the world championship.

The disappointment of the tour: the game of “Spartacus”

MK: After the final whistle head coach Massimo Carrera will not hesitate to say that this evening “Spartak” has shown its worst game of all time, by Italian specialist with the team. And Mr Massimo said that for him this match will be a very useful lesson.

Where it will benefit from the lessons of the lesson, the mentor at the moment, is not known. Rumors actively woos him in his native “Juventus”, which supposedly is coming this summer intends to leave Massimiliano Allegri, saying that it was the Carrera is the number one contender to replace him.

But while Massimo in “Spartacus”, which is experiencing the most difficult period for all time of cooperation with the red-and-white. Over the last week the team managed to fly out at the semifinal stage of the Cup, which Spartak was ready to deliver ahead of schedule all, with the exception that the parfenovskaya “Tosno” (which knocked out red-and-white). A defeat in the championship by far not the most motivated of the “Ural” and “Ahmad” put an end to championship ambitions.

Objective reasons for the recent failures of the Muscovites can be called quite a lot. Here you and constant forced rotation of Central defenders, and the lack of variability on the flanks what with a sad smile said after the match Carrera: “Well, whom shall I release is and Eshchenko Kombarov?!”

For personnel problems, of course, can be attributed to a weak performance of captain Glushakov and key player — Fernando. Still, few expect a pretty strong team with probably the best selection of attacking players in the League for a week will crumble like a house of cards.

With all the sympathy for Carrere, which he certainly deserved in the last championship season, it should be noted that “Spartacus” is experiencing systemic problems in the offensive line. Scored goals with apparent ease “Ahmad” can and should be explained already announced personnel problems, but Muscovites have lost the most important match the team had not that many have missed, but because little scored. And it happens not the first day, and for the second year.

A backup plan for the game in red-and-white just yet, they are in every game are the same regardless of name or status the opponent. But the most surprising is that the main feature careerscope “Spartacus” was and remains a dashing counterattack, which Promes, Adrian and their partners in attack are really good.

But in the match with some opponents this trump card you can play? How many matches in the championship of Russia under the leadership of the Italian Spartak were forced to act as the second number? No, in my opinion! So for a chance to play these brilliant counter-attack, if of the 56 matches that Carrera has spent in the Premier League as head coach of “Spartacus”, at least 50 its task was to overtake parked in another free kick the proverbial bus, and not to build a game on a collision course?

It’s hard to believe that the strategy of such a game development designed for a few European matches in the season, when “Spartak” could actually get to play the second number using the free zones (and in the domestic championship, they say, and so on until the medals will donatim).

What in the coaching craft is the most difficult skill to teach the command to attack position, it is not a secret. But in this direction for almost the past season the progress of reading is equal to zero. Undoubtedly, there are organizational makings of the newcomer Hanni — and possibly since his arrival Carrera hopes to manage the attacking flow in the opponent’s half of the field. But for the time efficiency of the ex-captain of Anderlecht is very low, and to expect from Glushakova, which is in favor Hanni has repeatedly been on the bench, the champion’s feats is somewhat naive. You can’t sit the captain on the bench, and then wait from him winning goals in the dying seconds.

However, particularly extruding Carrera, which no one had ever called master of the combinatorial style of positional attacks is not worth it. Similar problems in the attack periodically experience even commands such as, for example, “Bavaria”. But understanding that will not return “Spartak” lost titles. Like not add the prospects of further cooperation with Carrera, who seem to have nothing to offer and nothing to teach players. On the other hand, the kind of stagnation that’s happened this season, with the Carrera, would be envied by most managers of clubs in the Premier League. On is in the style of “Spartacus”?

Presnyakov: a humiliating defeat, but I’m sorry, and I love “Spartacus”. This team can break anyone, but if you start to lose then just hold on — could easily give the team the brewery. Glasses, of course, also need to be considered, and that the zone of the Champions League can fall out. And the Cup, though it’s not the most popular tournament, it should’ve been. Although I believe that the victory in the semi-finals Dmitry Parfenov and his “Tosno” was needed.

It is not like how everything after “Tosno” pounced on Glushakova. I am sure that Denis is a real man, the athlete and the captain will be able to cope with the situation adequately. In football anything can happen. I never played on a professional level, but I know that there are days when every shot goes in the net, and is by.

I think that “Ahmad” is not enough attitude. It was necessary after the departure from the “Tosno” Carrere to take the whole team to relax, drink beer, and when I want something stronger. Psychological relief was needed. What’s next? We will be preparing for next season and I am already ready for the 4-5-th place.

Victory tour: CSKA Moscow for the second

“MK”: While fans and experts tried to calculate the mathematical probability that “Spartak” will get in the standings, “locomotive”, CSKA Moscow walked the red-and-white and came in second place. And that CSKA now looks the team that is second in the title race.

In the meeting of the red and blue finished with the “Krasnodar”, in which the part on the field and could not get disqualified Fedor Smolov. We will remind that the forward “bulls” in 26-m round “the mustard plaster” for simulation. The replay clearly confirmed the fallacy made by the arbitrator”s verdict, but the imperfection of the rules is not allowed to lift sanctions in the form of disqualification. But to say that CSKA only won due to the absence in the ranks of the opponent the first striker would be an oversimplification.

Now CSKA took control of their tournament prospects. A perfect record in the remaining matches (against Zenit away, plus Arsenal and Anzhi at home) guarantees the team a silver medal, and with them a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Recall that took 3-th place Premier League team will be forced to go through two qualifying rounds of the Champions League.

Presnyakov: CSKA Moscow — a team of thorough, reliable, its not miss used. Although that football sometimes becomes boring. And yet the army a great President who cares enough about the team. And what fatherly care he showed before the meeting with “Krasnodar”, one can only admire. Take care of second place.

Premier League. 27-th round

“Spartak” (Moscow) — “Ahmad” (Grozny) — 1:3,

“The Locomotive” (Moscow) — Ufa (Ufa) — 0:0,

Tosno (Tosno) — “Amkar” (Perm) — 0:2,

CSKA (Moscow) — “Krasnodar” (Krasnodar) — 2:1,

“Arsenal” (Tula) — “Zenit” (St.-Petersburg) — 3:3,

“SKA-Khabarovsk” (Khabarovsk) — “the Dynamo” (Moscow) — 0:1,

“Anzhi” (Makhachkala) — “Ural” (Ekaterinburg) — 0:1,

“Rubin” (Kazan) — “Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) — 1:1

From the rules of the Premier League

In the championship of Russia on football teams that won the first 3 places in the standings will be eligible to play in the Champions League. 1-2 teams will get to the group stage of the Champions League directly, and bronze medalist will be forced to take part in the qualifying matches. The team that took 4-5 places will automatically qualify for the Europa League. The two worst teams in the League next season will hold in Germany, and those in the 13-14-th place, will play butt matches with the 4th and 3rd FNL teams respectively. In case of equality of points at two and more teams higher in the standings is the one that has advantage in personal meetings. In case of equality of this indicator primary factors in descending order be the total number of victories, the difference of scored and missed goals in all matches, etc.


Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 14 goals (3 from the penalty spot).

Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) — 12 (2).

Jefferson farfán (Lokomotiv Moscow), Alexander Kokorin (“Zenith”) — 10 (0).

Adriana Louise (“Spartak”) — 10 (1).

Scorers (goal+assist)

Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 14+7.

Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) — 12+5.

Luiz Adriano (“Spartak”) — 10+6.

Viktor Klasson (“Krasnodar”) — 9+6.

Jefferson Farfán (“Lokomotiv”) — 10+4.

In 28-m round meet

28.04: “Arsenal” — “Anji”

29.04: “Amkar” — “Spartak”

“Zenit” — CSKA, “Rostov” — “Tosno”

30.04: “Ufa” — “SKA-Khabarovsk”,

“Dynamo” — “Ruby”, “Ahmad” — “Ural” And “Krasnodar” — “The Locomotive”

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