Biathlon: Vladimir Drachev assess the chances of Russia and act Domracheva

On the eve of the Olympic games biathlon season scored straight-away cruising speed. Events in one of the most popular winter sports are developing rapidly and do not give bored fans.


Russian Anton Shipulin won bronze medal in the pursuit race at the world Cup stage in Italian Antholz. Ahead was only the leader of the season Martin Fourcade of France, he missed once and lost to the winner of the “gold” race the Norwegian Johannes Bø 1 minute and 0.5 seconds. BAA became the winner without a single mistake on the course.

Shipulin started the fourth, once made a mistake in firing him the first place at 1 minute 18.4 seconds. The podium in Antholz was for Anton to third this season. Previously, he won the bronze medal a member of a relay Quartet in Ruhpolding, Germany, and was third in the French Annecy.

Less than pleased with fans Russian women. The athlete Ekaterina Yurlova-Part finishers in mass start at the 10th place, and the day before was the 14th in the pursuit. Shows the result allowed her to move from 14th to 12th place in the overall standings of the biathlon world Cup.

But most spectators were surprised and delighted at the same time the action of the Belarusian biathlete Darya Domracheva. The day before he was able to win silver in the pursuit, but literally refused to fight for the leadership, showing the true generosity and honesty. When the stretch Domracheva in the heat of confrontation accidentally ran the ski on the stick of the opponents of Italy”s Dorothea wierer. As a result, the Italian lost his stick, and Domracheva, noting that the difficulty competition occurred due to its fault, for few tens of meters to the finish line slowed significantly. In the end, “silver” went to the victim Wierer and Domracheva remained only the third.

Appreciated this act athletes were appreciated by the Italian audience, and the international biathlon Union (IBU). In the microblog organization in Twitter there was even a special record in which the decision of Daria called “very honest.”Approved step wife and the famous Norwegian biathlete OLE Einar Bjoerndalen. He said He was proud of wife.

Specially for “MK” opinion about the latest events in biathlon and the Olympic prospects of Russian national team shared a four-time world champion in biathlon, and nowadays the Deputy of the State Duma Vladimir Drachev.

— Anton Shipulin showed an excellent result. But this race must be evaluated as lead. The result brings to the Olympic games. The sprint was a very large gap between the rivals, and that competition, as we would like, was not. The leaders appeared at a great distance and worked by themselves. In fact, it was a race, the three athletes ran BAA, and separately Fourcade, Shipulin. However, everything went well. It is seen that the shape is already close to optimal, it turns out successfully. Shipulin gained and in the process, and shoots fine. I hope that our other athletes will catch up closer.

Is it possible to improve the shape to the beginning of the Olympic games?

— We only have the here and now. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Before the Olympics, more time left well, almost 20 days. 10 Feb the first race in women and two weeks ahead of the tournament. It is necessary at this time to be fresher, to have enough for the whole Olympics. I hope that some growth forms are possible, and this will affect the results the best way.

— Anton Shipulin suggested that be and He may not stay on top form during the Olympics. Is it really so?

— I think they will be in even better shape than now. These athletes know what they are doing. I’m sure that the coaching staff will bring them to the Games in very good condition.

Russian athletes have something to counter this and to compete with foreign rivals?

— Most importantly — high-quality shooting. In biathlon it gives the best chance to win. When there is a perfect shooting, not necessarily to be the leader in the course, you can always commit to head the group of leaders at least second or third place.

— What is your opinion about the performance of the Russian biathletes?

— Here, too, the most important thing shooting. And it is necessary. Of course, I wish all our athletes moved up to the leader, not just one Yurlova, but, in my opinion, need to shoot better in the individual race and relays. The chances of getting into the flower ceremony, I think there is. Biathlon always involves errors of sportsmen. Change and weather conditions. Our sport so interesting: any participant of the first thirty could be on the podium provided the best shooting and good speed on the track.

— The achieved result of the Russians — this is the maximum possible?

— At the moment, which comes out at the start. Shows to date your best score. If we talk about the shape of our biathlon this season, it should be noted that there were UPS and downs. Smoothly go to the position specified. Constantly losing in the course of many unstable shooting. Hence, it is necessary to adjust the plan not only before the Olympics, but also to change something in the next season. I understand that serious adjustments are on the last collection, will be difficult to make. There remains only grinding skill in shooting. In the course of change is something very difficult.

I’m always pinning their hopes on the performances of the Russians in the biathlon, but look as specialist, monitor the performance of leaders of world biathlon. Let’s hope that biathlon will look not only for the victories of our athletes, but simply for its beauty and entertainment

— Speaking of the leaders. I have to ask you about the act of Darya Domracheva, in fact, conceded “silver” Dorothea Wierer.

Darya did the right thing. Rarely in the biathlon, when the athlete is in a tough fight comes on the stick of the opponent. I do not remember that such cases occurred at the finish line, the finish the turn. Dasha did very nicely. Did not beat the mistress who was pleased to become the winner of these competitions.

Recall that the world Cup in Antholz is the last competition before the Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, which will be held from 9 to 25 February.

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