Bloomberg: the defendants in the “Kremlin report” the problems started in the United States

Russian businessmen, who are in the so-called “Kremlin report” U.S. Department of Treasury, began to experience the first difficulties, reports Bloomberg. In recognition of the entrepreneurs themselves, the inclusion in the list, seriously harm their business reputation.


Steven Mnuchin, head of the U.S. Treasury, part of “the Kremlin report»

One of the Russian oligarchs on the condition of anonymity told the Agency about his concerns about the prospects of deals with foreign partners, which he planned to close in the coming months. Another representative sanctions list said that getting into the “report” is already strongly reflected in his reputation in business circles, writes Bloomberg.

For example, a Washington consulting company Financial Integrity Network advised all banks and financial institutions to closely examine transactions involving the defendants, “the Kremlin list”. The company insists that these persons are “politically vulnerable” and unable to be involved in corruption and bribery.

Lawyers advising on issues of sanctions noted that in the near future, the Russian businessmen will be very hard to improve relations with the US authorities. It is noted that even before the publication of the report, many businessmen began to withdraw their assets from us jurisdiction.

In late January, the U.S. Treasury published a “Kremlin report” with the names of 210 of the Russians, among whom were almost all the senior officials of the Russian Federation and the largest businesses. It is assumed that in respect of defendants in the list can be introduced to the American sanctions.

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