British woman videotaped the fall of an unknown object from the sky during a thunderstorm

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Moscow, 28 APR – AIF-Moscow.

The British resident of Bridgwater Megan Taylor shot on video, like after a lightning strike during a heavy thunderstorm falls from the sky unknown object. The video on his YouTube channel was published by the Daily Mail.

The woman said that for the first time seen such a strong storm. She said that is not what the object fell from the sky.

In comments to the video users began to argue about the origin of the mysterious object. One of the commentators suggested that it was a bird. Others disagreed, noting that the birds he was too large sizes.

The edition notes that the footage is like a scene from the movie “war of the worlds” (2005). There during a thunderstorm to the Ground parachute aliens, to operate a giant tripod.

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