Bypassing Ukraine. As new railroad will change life of Russians and neighbors

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Why the road to bypass Ukraine?

A new double-track electrified railway with a length of 137 km away in the side of the Russian-Ukrainian border through the territories of Voronezh and Rostov regions. Until today, all Russian trains, Caucasus, including Moscow-Adler, passing 26 km in Luhansk region, twice crossing the state border.

The main reason for the construction of a bypass branch line was a concern about traffic safety because the technical condition of the paintings at the Ukrainian section of the highway connecting Moscow with the black sea resorts, leaves much to be desired. In addition, there is the inconvenience of crossing the border. With the opening of the new road trains will pass through the territory of Russia.

As noted by the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, and the zhuravka-Millerovo is of great importance for safe and intensive transportation of passengers and cargo in the South of the country.

What will the new railway launched to bypass Ukraine?

On the route of the upgraded seven railway stations: Zaitsivka, Sergeevka, Sokhranovka, Kuteynikovo, Vinogradovka, Wells and Bochenkova. The maximum speed of passenger trains will be составлять140 km/h for lorries and 90 km/h According to the officials, the draft Federal budget spent 55 billion.

Progress or oblivion?

Old railroad in the direction of Ukraine, and the new bypass can be clearly seen from the Federal highway M-4 “don” between the city of Millerovo and Malczewski village of Rostov region. Some motorists stop and take a selfie. The trains here frequently, trains go every ten minutes. Soon the locomotive will change direction and will turn to the Russian side.

A new railway bypassing Ukraine. Stantsiya Kuteynykove (Chortkiv district). Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The upcoming event will change the lives of many villagers in border communities Chortkiv and Millerovskiy districts of Rostov region. For some people the new “piece of iron” is progress, for others they forget.

The second life of the farm Mariana

The new station is Kuteynykove on the territory of the farm Mariana, here the railroad came first. There is already built a three-story building for duty shifts, and connect the equipment. Ready electric substation, will soon begin the erection of a passenger station. In the village by seven streets added another, on which is erected two shestnadcatiletnih house for railroad workers.

Builders finish the arrangement of the adjacent territory of the new railroad. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Initially, Marjanovi cautious attitude to large-scale construction, but gradually realized his advantage. Most importantly, many of them found work in the community and now would not leave families in distant lands to work. Contractor received marjanovicev to work as drivers, mechanics, cooks.

“Of course, I am pleased with the changes made in the lives of fellow railway. The farm Mariana begins a second life. The territory of the railway station Kuteynikovo growing and improving,” — said the head of the rural settlement Vitaly Neshcheret. In his opinion, the staff transferred from Chertkovo to Kuteynikovo, so current railroad work will not lose.

The railroad bypassing Ukraine on the route zhuravka-Millerovo. Infographics

“A hole in the budget”

For the inhabitants of the settlement, the Wells, and the farm Mariana, railway new. A siding was built a few kilometers from the Wells, and now the usual sedate life of the villagers has changed. People adjust to new realities, get used to the door of a steel pipeline.

Chapter Kolodezyanskoe rural settlement Viktor Ore counts and the pros and cons: “the budget of the rural settlement is now a hole in virtually any 50 thousand for the withdrawn “Federal” land from farmers, and that 300 acres. Underpaid taxes on them now.”

Adjacent to railroad settlements upgrade roads, build bridges. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“Piece of hardware” has affected the interests of thousands of shareholders land, the farmers receive compensation. Rural entrepreneurs had to change the business strategy because the painting has divided the field into two parts. Some farms equipment was on one side and farmland on the other.

Places the passage of farm machinery under the tracks coordinated with builders not without problems. In the end, managed to find a balance of interests, the railway workers had heard of the local population. “Punctures” built the right width, even harvester with header passes under the railway. Therefore, the fears of the farmers were in vain.

Victor Rudoy noted the advantage of proximity to “piece of iron”: “the villagers there are new jobs. At the station Wells, seven people serve the power plant, the maintenance of the bridge will also be required to staff. Plans for the construction of three fourplex homes for railroad workers”.

Road to bypass Ukraine removed to a distance of 25 km from the border. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“Piece of iron” away from the villagers

But not all communities are so lucky as the farm Mariana or the village Wells. There are those, to which the branch is not reached.

More than any other due to the change of the movement affected the population of a small village Malczewski, which, as the regional center of Sochi, a new “piece of iron” left on the sidelines.

The bypass route. Built railway to bypass Ukraine

Its almost a century and a half history of the settlement obligated the railroad. In 1865 Malczewski built a station on the railroad leading from Voronezh to Rostov, and all the years of life in the village prospered due to its industry. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in Malczewski stopped passenger trains Tambov-Taganrog, Zhdanov-Voronezh, Moscow-Rostov and many others, and now makes a short stop only one train Rostov-Sochi.

The main feature of the station in Malczewski in the seventies-eighties were two buffets, working around the clock, which sold liquor by the glass: beer, wine, and vodka. Many train passengers traveling to southern resorts or home in Moscow, knew about this fact and was looking forward to a stop. For ten minutes of Parking, some visitors had time so to “gain” that then ran in pursuit of the composition. There were those who lagged behind a train…

While Trains going through the station Chertkovo travel to the paths blocked by the embankment. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

But there is another side to the life of the villagers: the death of people under the wheels of trains. “Empty” stand for hours (if not days) in anticipation of the formation of convoys, so the local have to “dive” under the cars to go on the opposite side.

“Accidents are not uncommon. Last year a man was hit by a train, I identified. Grandma died not hearing the signal of a train, — said the head of rural settlement palchevskogo Alexander Gusakov. — Pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks we were asked to build human security for many decades, but it was erected on a neighbouring station, Bochenkova that we have gone through the new branch”.

Rural Chapter is disappointed that the designers chose a travel Bochenkova where virtually no residents, and not Malchevsky, where 3,5 thousand villagers. Alexander Gusakov sure that no “glands” to his countrymen gets worse: “For us this is not good news, because it is already stuck. The railroad gave jobs at the oil depot, grain Elevator, and now how will don’t know. Say, the old road will not be removed, but I do not believe. After all, Russia for travel on the territory of Ukraine pays the money”.

“Doomed to isolation”. “Closed” if Russia and Ukraine in the Kerch bridge?

Chertkovo on the side

The nodal status will lose and the station Chertkovo, located in the district center. Here more than others worried Ukrainians from the neighboring village of chalk. Many residents of neighboring States to take advantage of the train Rostov-Sochi for work trips to Rostov-on-don. Now, it is unclear whether to leave the electric train on the old thread. Now Ukrainians are very convenient: they crossed a railway bridge and immediately appeared on the Russian station Chertkovo.

“Better for the country, but inconvenient for us, — says the inhabitant of Sochi Alexander Fomenko. — I hope that the building of the station Chertkovo leave, but will keep its state for one train?”

The village Chertkovo today. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The head of The Chertkovsky administration of the rural settlement Tatyana Bezgina more optimistic in his forecasts: “In my opinion, the bypass will not affect the villagers. We don’t go every day on the train.”

However, changes in the life of certicovtev you can see now, with a positive character. A year ago, fifteen miles the road from Chertkovo to Kuteynikovo does not hold water, was with bumps and pits. Now the road have repaired, to go on it a pleasure. According to the plan of designers Sochi will replace it Kuteynikovo. It will stop passenger trains going from Moscow to South and back again.

Work on the construction site was received by local residents. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The continuation of the project “Center-South”

The strategic importance of the new railway section zhuravka-Millerovo experts compare the Kerch bridge and railway construction in Eastern Siberia and the far East (the Baikal-Amur mainline). But this is only the beginning of the ambitious plans of Russian Railways in the direction of the Center-South. The next stage is the construction of high speed railway (HSR) Moscow-Rostov-Adler. On 2021-2025 years it is planned the construction sites of Rostov-Krasnodar-Adler and Tula-Voronezh. 2030 plan to build HSR between Rostov and Voronezh. Total travel time from Moscow to Rostov will be 4.5 hours (instead of 18 hours by passenger train), from Rostov to Adler — 3.5 hours (instead of 11 hours).

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