Caps and sports: what can the Russians at the Games in 2018

The tricolor white-blue-red winter hats were sold at the official store of the Olympics in South Korea. Branded hats Called “Pyeongchang 2018,” and is part of the paraphernalia of the Games approved by the International Olympic Committee.


The piquancy of the situation, ironically, gives the pattern on the caps. Multicolored stripes placed on them so that they resemble the colors of the Russian flag. Meanwhile, all three colors — white, blue and red — there on the South Korean flag. Apparently, therefore, the existence of such a model became possible in the conditions of the ban on national symbols of Russia. So the representatives of our country will also be able to wear these hats legitimately.

On the eve of the IOC President Thomas Bach again confirmed the continued rigor of the organization”s position in relation to the Russian tricolor. He is banned even for the fans in the stands. And yet to prohibit the combination of colors as such is simply impossible. Moreover, it has historically been considered pan-Slavic and is present on the flags of several countries, including the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and France.

On a much more desperate did the Russian hockey team. Prior to his arrival at the Olympic village they live and train in the nearby city of Anyang, and during class wearing clothes with the emblem and the inscription “Russia” on the chest. A ban on Russian national symbols is valid only on the territory of Olympic facilities.

However, not only the flag and the coat of arms may remind our athletes about the Motherland. Despite the refusal of the ROC from the Foundation of the Russian house in Pyeongchang, something like at the Olympics still to appear. Charity Fund of support of Olympians of Russia took a decision to open the House of sport in South Korea’s Gangneung. That is where the Olympic village for the participants of the Games and media center.

The emergence of the House of sports is not against the rules. After forced cancellation of the ROC from the traditional place of recreation for athletes and meeting with the fans such an initiative could act as any other nongovernmental sports organization.

Recall that the “Russian house” in various formats were established at the Olympic games since 1992, and more than 20 years was perceived as an integral support component of the Russian participants and winners.

Overall, as noted by the head of the delegation of our country at the Games in Pyeongchang and the first Vice-President OKR Stanislav Pozdnyakov, living conditions in the Olympic village for athletes acceptable: to prepare for responsible starts does not prevent quite a tense situation in the region with norovirus infection or other external circumstances. According to officials, while there was only one case of the prejudiced relation to the Russian participants, but the “incident has been fully exhausted.”

One of the Canadians responded negatively about one of our coaches. But the canadian side has apologized, — summed up the meeting.

Already finally resolved, that the flag of the IOC from Russian athletes will carry the volunteer appointed by the organising Committee of the Olympic games.

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