CAS against the IOC: the Olympic taint and the Olympic spirit

The IOC does not want to admit defeat. The Commission, in the reports of nodding at each other, yet were powerless before the court of arbitration for Sports (CAS). The court gave us back our heroes and the victory of Sochi, and the IOC again rests.

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In sports What is CAS? Yes, almost all decided, so be it. Is he the IOC have always said, because in the Charter of the International Olympic Committee and recorded: only CAS can solve the issues that relate to the Olympic games.

No, the IOC, of course, can doubt — that is, on health. To just abandon McLaren, Oswald, Schmid, and Thomas Bach, the “friendly” tone which was no doubt the “party politics” not left in recent months, it is impossible. Certainly.

Posoprotivlyatsya to do, but it is not very nice work. As said a dedicated fan of the sport dad Dukurs (head coach of team Latvia Dainis Dukurs skeleton, which you ought now and again to give FILIAL “gold” Sochi Sasha Tretyakov), presenters McLaren and Oswald now has to hang or shoot himself. Because look absolute idiots. “While this is all reminiscent of the swing. Our goal is that these swings do not hit us on the forehead”.

But not the fact, of course. Not even about idiots. About the forehead.

Made a mess of the IOC for many. Not a celebration of the Olympic games were no longer just for us.

But now, if the IOC will appeal against the CAS decision in the Federal court, that would cast doubt on its Charter and expressed distrust CAS. So what? Here going to discuss the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport at the Executive Committee meeting at the weekend. And actually wanted to discuss the plans for the doping test, reports to WADA… and banks to test them out again suspicious, they say, are easy to open, even the Russian security services do not have to call to the holes made in the walls of the laboratories, and could discuss them.

We were told: you are to blame, we proved it. And proved, because say. Now that the IOC criticizes adopted by the court of arbitration for Sports decision, he criticizes the solution which is built on the basis of evidence. And he likes the result or not — is obliged to agree with the conclusions.

Of course, the IOC doesn’t want to let our justifiable athletes to the Games, because for so long amazing for whom to cast. Risks. Our lawyers say: “If the IOC refuses the invitation, will take appropriate action, if required, will file lawsuits. We want to force the IOC to invite the athletes.”And it is not impossible to hear.

For emotional events return us our heroes gone unnoticed, the information that the court of appeal of Paris upheld the decision on the guilt of the WADA violation of the presumption Habib cissé, who was arrested in connection with allegations of involvement in corruption in the IAAF. The head of the independent Commission of WADA Richard pound, who conducted the investigation, the report said that Cisse “was in the center of edition designed to prevent the IAAF normal data analysis, and participated in the conspiracy to extort money from athletes by hiding, postponement or cancellation of disciplinary sanctions against Russian athletes”. The court in Paris considered it a violation of the presumption of innocence. As a result, WADA and pound has to pay 8 thousand euros for damage and another 10 for court costs.

Let the IOC thinks. Let them learn to solve problems by approaching them with the same standards for all. “Integrity of the Olympics was once again sabotaged. This stinks to high heaven. Nightmare for clean athletes continues. We need changes,” can not calm down President of the American anti-doping Agency, Travis Tygert, another hot “a fan of” Russian sport. And the funny thing is that with these words you can finally agree. We speak about our clean athletes. And the nightmare that gave them. And about the strong bad odor of the modern Olympic movement say. And that changes the IOC is clearly overdue. IOC navyseal them myself.

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