CAS has the power to issue: the IOC needs to restore Russia’s national anthem and flag

Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne acquitted the 28 Russian athletes! They return the right to participate in any competitions, they return right to the medals! And this judgment is their (and ours as fans) hope for the future. Want to make a mistake, but hardly hope for Pyeongchang 2018. It would be extremely embarrassing for the IOC to punish athletes as much as a lifetime suspension from the Olympics and having sleeve subtly invented the trump card with the invitation every Russian in the Game on the basis of parties, then acquitted on call CAS in Korea.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Hopes for acquittals was, though, to be honest, not as “massive”. We’ve already started to get used that no one on the other hand did not want to hear. You are to blame, said Rodchenkov, McLaren, Oswald, Schmid sounded incessantly. But now all of the IOC, which threw the facts and assumptions from the report in the report received an assessment of their work in court. The court, in which he considered all the facts, not speculation.

CAS found that in 28 cases the collected evidence is insufficient to establish anti-doping rule violation. The sanctions are annulled, individual results Sochi 2014 confirmed: Trunenkov, Nevadilo, Stulneva, Tretyakov, Chudinov, Nikitina, Potylitsyna, Orlov, lungs, Belov, Vylegzhanin, cocks, Shapovalov, hooks, Immortal, Matveeva, Fatkulina, Rumyantsev, Skobrev, Kuznetsov, Dobkina, Lebedev, Smolentseva, Pashkevich, burina, Shchukin, Ivanova, Demchenko.

In 11 cases, the court went on partial excuse: it is impossible to speak specifically on Games in Pyeongchang the bobsleigh Zubkov, the Governor, Kasyanov, Pushkarev, Jusino, skiers Ivanova, Chekaleva, Dotsenko, ice hockey Skiba, Shibanova, Dybbuk.

The court considered only 39 cases, but claims there were 43. Ended the career of Olga Zaitseva, Olga Vilukhina, Yana Romanova and sportsman Maxim Belugina CAS will be considered not in accelerated mode.

With fully acquitted athletes cleared of all sanctions, including the suspension that was used by the international Federation.

Continuing the theme: a Lawyer, who achieved the justification for the Russian athletes to the CAS, revealed details

As for the Olympic games that begin next week, the IOC under the leadership of Valerie Forneron (which sought every Russian citizen applying for participation in the Games is any hint of a violation of the rules and automatically expunged from the lists, as soon as he was or saw) should now have their say. Alas, the list did not receive an invitation already got even athletes who are not accused of violating directly. Now and reinstated the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport will be taken under consideration through the prism 17 the famous criteria.

The very criteria by which the Commission, Forerun not invited to Korea Denis Uskova, Paul Kulizhnikov, Dmitry Vasiliev, Tatiana Borodulina, Irina Starykh, Alexander Loginov… Who once disqualified, they can act on any starts, but not in the Pyeongchang-2018.

Those criteria, which are suddenly dumped from the Games of Sergey Ustyugov, Victor, Ana, Anton Shipulin, Ivan Bukin, Ksenia hosting community… Their cases CAS also did not consider, the IOC rejected in the accelerated procedure, explanations of the suspensions is not so far. Civil courts of Switzerland will hardly change the situation with the participation of these athletes in the Games. Image – no doubt. By the way, the material aspect should not be forgotten.

Justified heroes Sochi, our Pets, a world leader in sport again received their medals. They returned to their names. Some is just life. It is a joy. And – anger. Shouldn’t politics so blatantly defile the sport.

Is it all done? The IOC in its attempts to please eager to see Russia at the Olympic games could think of many moves, criteria, commissions. That will come up now? Court of arbitration for sport – this is serious.

The court acquitted most of the Russians punished. No returns medals. Any deferrals. No lifetime suspensions for even undue. There are athletes that have doubts. All references and tables Russia should return to first place in the overall standings. Then, in Sochi 2014, the country was not living contrary to the laws of the Olympic family. It is not we, this court has identified and proved. Where our flag and anthem? What?

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