Central Bank revealed a new scheme of financial fraud

Representatives of the Central Bank warn that in Russia there has been a surge of financial fraud. And Bank Scam more and more contrive in ways to make money at the expense of others. If the attackers “just” cheated money from Bank cards, now looking for access to personal data of the Russians. Moreover, the number of their victims are not only financially unsophisticated ordinary citizens, but also the banks themselves. Often cashing in on credit institutions by their staff. Recently, the Central Bank revealed the largest case of manipulation on the securities market. The ordinary trader is one of the domestic banks has caused damage to your employer for the amount exceeding 150 million virtually any.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Representatives of the Central Bank noted that in recent years financial literacy of our compatriots, albeit slowly, but still growing. However, by unscrupulous people on hand not asleep, and become more and more ornate in the way of “weaning” of money from honest citizens and organizations. The Central Bank warned about new trends in financial fraud. “Almost all the time, there have been new schemes, popular right now. If some time ago it was, relatively speaking, binary options (financial tool that allows you to earn at the expense of the forecasts to changes in the price of marketable assets — ed.), now there is a trend for obtaining access to personal data,” warns the head of the main Department of the Central Bank for countering malpractice in the open market Valery Lyakh.

As the official explained, the new fraud scheme is quite simple. As a rule, people who plan to take the credit in Bank, first leave applications. Moreover, to increase your chances of approval, Russians are turning to several credit institutions. However, apart from employees of financial institutions, personal data of a potential borrower become the property of malefactors.

“Information from their data is “leaked” or sold, or transferred, respectively, calling the scammers on these “loans” and are trying to get money,”— said Valery Lyakh.

For example, when they reach the borrower ,the attacker asks for money for “consideration of application”. Receiving payment for “service”, he further asks the customer to come supposedly for a loan. Unsuspecting consumers rushing for the money. But it was not there. He reported: “the Central Bank has locked your account, to unlock it you need to pay a certain amount”.

According to the Telegraph, the regulator has become increasingly to the Russians complaints of similar fraud. And this, in turn, indicates an increase in financial literacy among the population. However, those who for such “literacy” had to pay their “blood” is unlikely to be comforted by this thought.

Meanwhile, the victims of fans of easy money have become not only ordinary citizens, but also the banks themselves. Recently, the Central Bank revealed one of the largest cases of manipulation on the Russian securities market, the main hero of which was an ordinary trader of the Kazan Bank “AK bars” Artem Lulinski. Male from 2011 to 2016 bought to the personal account of the “blue chips” (stocks of leading Russian companies) and then sold them to its Bank. And, at a price of 2.5-4% above market.

According to estimates of the Central Bank, such an operation, a resourceful trader have made for nearly 500 days. As a result, he was able to “earn” 77 million virtually any, while causing damage to the employer, the amount of which is 2-3 times more than the profit Sulinskogo. The fact that he had to buy the paper at an inflated price, not only from themselves but also from other traders.

To identify this scheme is managed to the Bank of Russia, because only it “sees” all the counterparties on the securities market.

By the way, Lulinski previously been seen in the evil game. In 2015 he committed insider trading in shares of “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”. Currently, the Central Bank and “AK bars” passed the materials on the disgraced trader to law enforcement. According to the criminal code, for crimes such fraud faces a fine from 0.5 to 1 million roubles or compulsory works for the term up to 5 years or imprisonment for the term up to 7 years with a fine of up to 1 million virtually any.

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