Check the air pollution in the Moscow region continues


Moscow, September 23 – AIF-Moscow.

Rosprirodnadzor has begun check of the enterprises and objects, located in the Kapotnya of Kur’an’yanovo and Koshino, on the subject of involvement in unauthorized emissions.

How to protect industrial city from harmful emissions?

The investigation began after numerous complaints of citizens on air pollution and on the basis of exceeding the permissible content of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere in these areas.

The list of The possible pollutants, the Agency has included, in particular, the Lyubertsy and Kuryanovo water treatment facility JSC “Mosvodokanal” JSC “Gazpromneft – Moscow refinery”, item sorting waste, “UK “CUSOR”, and landfills “Kuchino” and “torbeyevo”.
To identify the main pollutant, conducts instrumental studies on the presence in the air, combinations of marker substances hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. In addition, a special regime of control, providing for the carrying out raids at night with the involvement of the analytical laboratory.

While the Ministry called untrue recent media information that the service had already discovered the source of the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It is emphasized that the test plants and facilities is ongoing and not yet completed.

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