Chinese space station “Tiangong-1” has entered the Earth’s atmosphere

Moscow, 2 APR – AIF-Moscow.

The program of manned space flight, China said that the Chinese space station “Tiangong-1” on Monday at 8: 15 Beijing time (3.15 Moscow time) entered the Earth’s atmosphere, reports RIA Novosti.

Over the Earth hung “Tiangong”. On whom will fall the Chinese station?

It is reported that “most of the wreckage of the station burned up in reentry”.

Earlier the representative of the foreign Ministry of China, Lu Kang said that the chance of dropping large fragments of the station “Tiangong-1” the Land is exceptionally small.

According to the American System of space monitoring, unburned fragments fall into the Atlantic ocean about a thousand miles East of Rio de Janeiro.

Recall that the station “Tiangong-1” (“heavenly Palace-1”) was launched into orbit on 29 September 2011. During its existence, “Tiangong-1” was visited by three expeditions in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2016, the connection with the station was lost.

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