Congress unveiled a new bill on sanctions against Russia

On the website of the house of representatives the text of the draft law on new sanctions against Moscow. The vote, passage of which has been stalled in Congress, should pass next week

The U. S. Congress

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On the website of the lower house of Congress – house of representatives – text of the new version of the bill on sanctions against Russia and Iran. The document was submitted to the house of representatives July 12, to information on the website.

The publication of the document followed on the eve of voting, to be held on Tuesday, July 25. On Saturday, it also became known that the house of representatives and the Senate reached agreement on a new bill.

The original text of the bill on new sanctions was approved by the Senate (the upper house of Congress), June 15. The document, in particular, limits the head of state in addressing the issue of easing or lifting the sanctions against Moscow and Tehran. So, if the President makes such a decision required the approval of Congress.

Republicans and the White house criticized with respect to this initiative. In particular, the Director for legislative Affairs the White house mark Short spoke of “an ending restriction of the powers of the President of the United States.”

“We are concerned that the bill, as we believe, creates a precedent for the delegation of the foreign policy of 535 members of Congress, edging out some exceptions based on national security (national security waiver that gives the President the right to amend the sanctions regime, based on their understanding of national interests. — RBC), which has always been part of the sanctions orders in the past,” said Shorts. At the same time, he stressed that the administration trump supports new sanctions against Russia.

In the end, the passage of the document in the house of representatives, where Republicans have a majority, came to a halt. The congressmen pointed to the violation of the procedure of consideration of the document, according to which any legislative initiative relating to the revenues of the state, must first be transmitted for consideration to the house of representatives and then the Senate.

12 July, a group of Democrats has prepared and submitted its draft document to the house of representatives. As Reuters wrote, the text of the document coincides with the previously proposed, which had already been passed in the Senate. Press Secretary of speaker of the lower house, Paul Ryan, Ashley strong, commenting on the introduction of a new version of the bill, called the actions of the Democrats “work for the public.”

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