Conspiracy against Russia sports officials details hacked correspondence

Hacker group Fancy Bear (“Funny bear”), famous for, among other things, hacks mailboxes prominent global sports officials, including leaders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has published another batch of “leaks”.

From the resulting correspondences, hackers managed to learn that the World anti-doping Agency (WADA), the reporting of violations by the Russian athletes, leads almost open conflict with the IOC, lobbying for the interests of the United States, Canada (where WADA is based) and the UK. That between the IOC and the Agency there was friction and misunderstanding, had previously said, and others produced Bears Fancy letters.


Hackers in the summer of 2016 broke into the website of the world anti-doping Agency. Now made public were results of a break-correspondence sports officials.

The bulk of The leaked material relates to the well-known report of Richard McLaren, which jeopardized the integrity of the Russian athletes accused of doping. And it was, according to Western experts, a “state program”, not about particular cases.

Although reports of McLaren and made noise, they, as it turned out, was not properly aligned with the IOC that may raise questions about their true goal: the fight against doping or political games?

“It seems that the first part of the report of Richard McLaren was aimed at the suspension of the Russian team from the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, and the second part…? To the suspension of Russian athletes from the Olympics in Pyeongchang? But not to the trial, with each athlete on an individual basis. Perhaps Richard McLaren and WADA should think about all this in more detail before the reports were published. In particular, carefully to discuss the matter with the IOC before WADA took the path of trying to use the first report for suspension of the Russian team, instead of, as suggested by the IOC, to solve this privately with each individual athlete… It puts the IOC, international sports federations and the Olympic movement in General in a very difficult position,” – said in a letter to the Director of legal Affairs of the IOC, Howard Stapp addressed to the leadership of the International Olympic Committee.

The McLaren in one of the published letters he wrote that he had no authority to impose restrictions against individual athletes. However, in General, the correspondence leaves a strong feeling that the officials of IOC, WADA expert to listen was not inclined.

As noted by “hackers” from Fancy Bear, purpose of the WADA and McLaren is quite clear – the “squeezing” of the Europeans from the IOC in return for dominance there as the hackers write, “Anglo-Saxon”.

This drew the attention of the environment of the McLaren, which includes former members of the British and American intelligence agencies as well as contractors, works closely, for example, with the FBI.

All this, coupled with the data of the correspondence, and conclude hackers, evidence of specific political order, in investigations conducted by WADA.

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