Cryptocurrencies: the new pyramid or the new economy

The rate of bitcoin has confidently exceeded $4 thousand Popular Russian social network then announced the launch of an advertising campaign of the cryptocurrency. Virtual money multiply like rabbits. The Internet is full of announcements of win-win investments in digital coin, promising unprecedented dividends. What it is: the world pyramid “MMM” or do a new round of digital technology and the economy?

In Russia officially declared about the bet on the digital economy. Here is a simple, but sharp spur (not a cheat sheet, namely the spur, that is a violent process accelerator), it is that the digital economy revives age-old Russian hope to overtake constantly outpacing the West in a curve, not catching up.

First this idea was advanced, oddly enough, the first Russian philosopher Petr Chaadaev Westerner. It was he who, keenly experiencing the backwardness and stagnancy of the Russian orders, came up with the idea that it is not necessary to follow the West in the tracks, you can use the lag to assess the West traversed the path and not repeat his mistakes. But it was nothing more than a revelation.

Alexander Herzen and the populists have not the inspiration, but the specifics of the peasant community — here’s a chance to overtake the West socially and economically without going through the horrors of the primitive accumulation of capital. But the the Bolsheviks just stamped on the machines purchased at the same West or by their patterns, the slogan “the Dip”, he deciphered as: “Catch up and overtake America!”. This slogan, however, was exclusively concerned with technology, public relations new system obviously took precedence over capitalism: the Soviets were, of course, class cleaner, and therefore “progressive” bourgeois democracy. Here, too, “ahead, not catching up.”

But it was now apparent half-magic moment, when the Soviet Union and was technically ahead of the rest, including US! This late 1950s — early 1960s, the start of the era of space exploration. The movie “first Time” shows the last act of the Soviet championship.

And here is a new chance to overtake, not catching up. Labor productivity in Russia, the West in the foreseeable future to catch up in GDP per capita — even more so, but in the digital economy a chance, though, given the pace of progress in this area, which demonstrate a pioneering company, alas, not Russian, more elusive, but still there. It made up for the lag in payment cards, checkbooks although the stage is not passed at all.

And then bitcoin. This is the face of today’s digital economy, a product of the technology of the blockchain, the value of which Herman Gref equated to the advent of the Internet.

There is a hitch. Time bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on the technology, which has tremendous prospects, so cryptocurrency. This is the ABC. But. The technology of the blockchain is based on the rules of storage and dissemination of information, precluding access to it from outside. In such a system, by definition can not be a single administrator. To a certain extent, bitcoin demonstrates the relationship with money, issued in the Polye when Nestor Makhno, which, incidentally, was written: “we are not worse than yours!”. Relationship — anarchism. According to American polls, about a fifth of those who voted for bitcoin, justifies his choice by the fact that he does not trust banks or don’t want government controlled the money.

The hitch is that the conditional anarchism, albeit digital, in Russia, the country of the vertical of power, no respect. First, the Central Bank acted against bitcoin, equating it to counterfeiting, then took him to study, and then followed by a shocking statement reduces to the fact that crypto-currencies in Russia may be legal, but their release should be in control of the Bank of Russia. And in the Federation Council seriously discussed the idea of issuing “national cryptocurrencies”. However, there is hope: “the spur” must overcome a “hitch.”

In any case, there is no doubt that among those who will develop the blockchain technology, pushing more and change our view of familiar projects will be many and Russians. Bitcoin is an icebreaker.

This technology, first, transparent to participants, and secondly, from the stored information nothing to remove. Anyone. Perfect for elections. So, with the economy the blockchain is not limited.

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