CSKA appeared “laser” rink

A new rink of CSKA sports complex, where athletes will be able to train around the clock, opened on Wednesday the state Secretary – Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov. He conveyed greetings on behalf of the defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, wishing the athletes the smooth ice, and handed over the certificate on opening of the rink coach Tatiana Tarasova.

“Sport is the guarantee of health, harmonious development of man. He brings up such indispensable qualities as purposefulness, will power and self-confidence”, – said Pankow. – “At different times is zebrowska ice under legendary coaches prepared a great number of outstanding hockey players and figure skaters who have brought our country world famous. Now the club has another great structure to practice ice sports.”

He expressed confidence that “the rink will serve as a launching pad for future Champions, will help the young generation to experience the joy of sports, improve health and gain confidence in their own strength.”

Athletes congratulated the Minister of sports Pavel Kolobkov, who called the ice rink a real gift for the athlete, and the President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov.

New ice complex is equipped with the laser system correction of the ice surface that allows you to create “smooth ice”, as well as modern air conditioning and temperature control, through which you can create any climatic conditions for skaters.

The rink will be open around the clock, with breaks to fill the ice. To train at a new rink will be the leaders of the Russian and the world’s single skating Maxim Kovtun, Elena Resistance, Sergei Voronov, Maria Sotskova and Alexander Samarin. In addition, it is planned that this will engage representatives of the Night hockey League and Amateur teams of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

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