CSKA lost to “AK Bars” in Moscow in the fourth match of the Gagarin Cup finals

The Moscow CSKA will try this evening to even the score in serious final series of the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup in the confrontation with Kazan “AK Bars”. Wards Igor Nikitin awful started the first two games of the series. Both the battle of Kazan was lost. But on the teeth CSKA has pulled out victory at home in overtime.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Wow. Someone believed that the favorite of the final confrontation is CSKA? Here you strength of Kazan! Three of their last four matches has won the wards of Zinetula of Bilyaletdinov. And now they will play in Kazan. They left for success one victory. And whether now the Muscovites to do the impossible?

60′ All! “AK bars” won this match, and the score in the series is 3-1 in favor of Kazantsev!

59′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! “AK bars” scored the third. And it was a fatal decision! Anton lander somehow sent the puck towards the net hosts so that it stood on edge and rolled. And she managed to change the trajectory that is simply set in the gate CSKA! Hurrying to dislodge her from the gates of Robinson, he simply flew behind her into the net.

59′ the Army is played. Sorokin went outside.

57′ CSKA holds the puck, but move to the gate is not obtained. Defenders of citizens of Kazan are very tenacious and throw a washer in another’s zone.

55′ the Army is already aware that the smell of fried. Lose today, and “AK Bars” will remain one to win the Cup. And ahead departure to Kazan. Here and desperately attacking the owners. But to no avail.

52′ All teams in equal structures.

52′ CSKA are still in the minority, but almost they have managed to score in such a situation. Far shot – Layout parried to the right, where Zharkov had already played on the rebound, but saved all the same gate goalkeeper and defenders.

50′ deaf! Gracefully away from the defender the player of “AK Bars”! Rolled it to the gate on the right and Sorokin threw in the fall – touch it already stick Kiselevich, EN toe. The goalkeeper parried. But CSKA again removal.

48′ Marchenko tried to throw from a distance. But he achieved just that stick had broken.

46′ CSKA could have scored! But again Layout teammates did. Little rascals cast – the goalkeeper parried with a shield.

44′ “AK bars” played in equal structures. CSKA once again failed to score.

42′ That CSKA will play again in the majority.

41′: the Third period has begun!

The situation has not changed. “AK bars” is still one goal. Although emotions have others. CSKA-also scored. Only here Kazan had a second goal.

40′ All. Completed the second period.

40′ Coped CSKA and this time with the danger of the game in the minority.

39′ lander was shot from a distance – Sorokin reflected. Immediately, Klinkhammer got the puck and tried to throw a roundhouse, but again the goalkeeper was in place.

37′ CSKA will play again in the minority. Grigorenko for two minutes removed.

36′ What supermoment exchanged team! Galiev missed the defenders, in the end, a real bullet was made by the away player. But lost it with concentration and not beat Sorokin. A counterattack drove off the army. However, there Layout was in place, parrying the shot from three meters from Kaprizova.

35′ Kiselevich threw on goal, but the defender took the puck himself. In response to the attack Sorokin had to pick up the puck in a trap when throwing an opponent. Although it seemed that the projectile flies wide.

34′ I Went to the game without points, but with errors in transmission for both teams.

31′ Desperately defend the army. But they were able to defend the gate for those two minutes.

30′ it’s dangerous already at the gate Sorokin! Tokranov threw from afar – the goalkeeper parried. On the rebound from the right post was Cleaver, but here the goalkeeper on top.

30′ and here citizens of Kazan will play in the majority. Naumenkov failed CSKA. Rest for two minutes.

28′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! CSKA and this time answered! Telegin left – Layout repulsed. But the finishing is precise Svetlakov. Here is such a bright moment for CSKA in the second period.

27′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! “AK bars” is already in two goals! Azevedo broke past an opponent, ran out to the front and gave the puck to the far post where the ball was closed by the lander! Bravo!

26′ Markov threw from afar – Sorokin on the spot.

25′ we’re not changing. CSKA attacks in the majority, creates a couple of chances, but no goals. Again the team in equal structures

23′ And again removal at “AK Bars”. Klinkhammer rest

22′ Svetlakov threw! Layout repulsed – Telegin went to finish, but already there is a goalie has covered the puck trap.

21′ the Second period started.

– “AK bars” played football as the representative of Kazan “Rubin” Berdyev when. Defended almost all of 20 minutes. Three times gave the team a power play. But in the end the scoreboard – the score 1:0 in favor of the guests. CSKA will again take himself in hand and, as in the last match, tear veins, to score Garipova.

20′ All. Completed the first period. Was ready of passion to flare up in the area between the rivals after the siren. But the judge quickly calmed the ardor of the players.

20′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Azevedo led the visitors in front! Unexpectedly, right? Barely jumped back out on the ice Lukoyanov, as here, he brought to the gate Sorokin canadian partner. Justin threw under Ilya – and a goal. It’s simple.

19′ What does Layout! Twice in 10 seconds, he was rescued “AK bars”! First, the vagaries of got the puck at the left goalpost guests and left the goalkeeper parried. Almost Immediately Bullit made another soldier. Layout done here. Tricksy tried to open an account.

18′ What is a crush at the gate Garipova! Repulsed is he now puck thrown on goal. Then shell tried to finish the army, but the defenders and the goalkeeper did not make a blunder.

17′ lander unexpectedly “AK Bars” rushed the puck to the opponent’s goal, despite being a minority. He threw immediately, but Sorokin took the projectile.

17′ guests do Not get tired to give the chance to Muscovites. Here Lukoyanov already deleted two minutes

16′ Whims were at the forefront, but there Layout was in place

16′ Teams play in equal structures.

15′ Platt got the puck in front of the gate of the guests, but to throw already did not really have time. Puck trapped Garipova.

13′ While CSKA plays in the majority. For two minutes the ice has left the court.

12′ And the referee disallowed the goal! The replay shows as a trap Garipova skate the puck knocked Svetlakov.

12′ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! CSKA opens the scoring! Will question the referees on this goal. Puck was abandoned Svetlakova. Of the ribbon it has finished Kuzmenko.

10′ While it is impossible to specifically attack the army. “AK bars” easily steals the puck on his half of the court.

8′ CSKA missed the most. In equal teams.

7′ Shot from distance on target Garipova! Platt Piglet tried to touch up the puck, but there was thwarted by the goalkeeper.

5′ the Army went on the attack. They frolic with the puck possessions Garipova. But the throw is not reached. But the destruction in the composition Kazantsev. Nikita Lyamkin left to rest for two minutes.

3′ Moment at the gate of CSKA! Bill managed not to tweak the puck into an empty corner Sorokina meters! The ball rolling along the target. In the case. Generally, they yet look much more actively at the beginning of the match.

1′ let’s Go!

– Hello, dear fans of hockey. Welcome to the fourth match of the final series of Gagarin Cup between CSKA and “AK Bars”.

Will there be enough strength in CSKA again to take over the wards of Zinetula of Bilyaletdinov and go to Kazan as an equal in a row, or winning the Eastern conference one step closer to the Gagarin Cup?

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