Deputies and senators broke the head on the crucial issue of housing

No, still deeply wrong are those who say that in our country there is no real policy that on all important questions there is only one opinion and it is dictated from the Kremlin”s towers, and the MPs carry out the ritual role of “printer”. Not at all!

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There are crucial decisions for the sake of which the MPs is ready, leaving aside all the written and unwritten rules of the game to go literally wall to wall — well, more precisely, the chamber in chamber. It is — well, of course, you guessed it! — the main problem of life in the country at the present stage: to be or not to be is on the payment of housing that our citizens may find in their mailboxes.

Not to be! — decided by a majority of votes deputies of the state Duma, whose previous experience strongly pushed them to the fact that unreasonable citizens should be protected from all sorts of life’s misfortunes, which they are happy to plunge. And insidious is on the payment, according to the statements of people’s choices, threatens all of us with many dangers. Part of the tenants naively believe that once it is placed on the utility bills, so the services there are offered the best quality and cheap, and it is not so. And the other part, pure little children are seeing on a piece of paper advertising, notices printed on the back of the payment order itself and simply throws the priceless document. Conclusion compassionate of deputies is clear: to ban the ads completely.

Why would it be banned? — in turn asked the senators from the Federation Council. And their speaker Valentina Matviyenko directly explained: “We live in a market economy, there are normal payments on the one hand, on the other — is”. Undiplomatic and added: “Is the law of the country it is necessary to regulate such nonsense?” In General, the upper house by a majority of votes suffered by the deputies of the law rejected.

Understand that as a journalist covering such an important issue should adhere to the objective position and to remain “above the fray”. But frankly, personally, I am much closer to the position of senators, and especially that phrase about “stuff”. But from my personal opinion … no one cares. Therefore, in real politics diverged on two different corners of the ring chamber, rather than to come together in the clinch, created a conciliation Commission. And now the best minds of the state Duma and the Federation Council will be painful to search out so needed for the country to compromise. The first meeting of the conciliation Committee just passed the day before.

Of course, us Amateurs, it is difficult to understand exactly what a reasonable compromise would be to master hand. Maybe they will limit advertising volume? For example, five by five centimeters — it is possible, and all that is over, you can’t. Or here at the first meeting of the Commission was expressed for this initiative: social advertising on utility bills to allow a commercial — no, no.

In General, there is still work to do. Not by chance the conciliation Commission took the time to search for a compromise right up to March 30. Just imagine: the country has held presidential elections begins a new political cycle, the formation of a new Cabinet of Ministers, and the representatives of the two chambers of the Parliament dedicated, not distracted by trifles, will be without sleep and rest to look for the answer to the main question of modernity: is there advertising on payment of utilities?

Do you find it? With excitement we study the reverse side of utility bills for April…

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