Digital substitution: FAS wants to oblige preinstall gadgets Russian

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Rossiiskii Federation took the initiative on changes in digital law. It is proposed to oblige preinstalled on smartphones and tablets the software products of the Russian production.


Speech, in particular, about the standard apps like browser, email, audio player and others, according to the website of the FAS.

It is emphasized that the Antimonopoly office received complaints preinstalled on the gadget app which are impossible to remove.

If there is a domestic analogue to the application that the mobile device manufacturer plans to preinstall on the device, this alternative should also be offered to the consumer, the FAS explained.

“Not only will this allow greater choice for users, but will be a good support for Russian developers to compete with digital giants,” – said in Antimonopoly service.

In addition, according to the Agency, users should be able to completely remove pre-installed software products, except for the programs needed for the correct operation of the communication device.

FAS also pointed out the irregularities published in the media about the Agency”s initiative to remove from all mobile device applications from Google and Apple with the aim of replacing them with Russian developments.

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