Diploma in conflict. As for teachers from Taganrog stood up in Moscow

Viktor Makarenko Teacher lost his job after he wrote a letter to the government of the Russian Federation. © /

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Correspondent Aify visited Taganrog metallurgical College, met with all parties to the conflict and found that the background of the scandal could be fighting for a historic building in the centre of the city. The dismissed teacher — honored teacher, honored worker of professional education of Russia Viktor Makarenko was the team leader, an activist for the protection of the impressive buildings of 1861, reminiscent of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Honored teacher of Russia Viktor Makarenko was fired after he, along with ten employees of the College wrote a collective letter to the government of the Russian Federation in which asked to explain the absence for several years indexation of wages. According to the teachers, thus violating the labor law, in particular, article 134 of the Labor code providing for mandatory indexation of wages to inflation.

The rate of the Taganrog teachers ‘ College equal 8289 RUB Minus 13% income tax and they get a 7200 RUB., although the minimum wage in the region is 9784 RUB.

“I did not want to work in new ways»

A week after the dismissal of the label “Deputy Director of UR Makarenko V. B.” hanging on the front of the Cabinet of Viktor Borisovich. Unemployed Professor Victor Makarenko in the building of the Taganrog metallurgical College (TMT), which he gave exactly 40 years, greeted warmly and friendly. His fellow teachers willing to comment on the situation, I invite you to visit the school. It is felt that the hosts in this warm, well-lit, comfortable are teachers, and not any official. Director of College Love Lizogub in the waiting room were absent, although said she was at work.

Caused by someone the police officer did not dare to expel from the College fired the Professor. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Twice Someone called the police, but come the guards did not intervene in the work of the press. They were not deported and honoured teacher, checking his papers.

The head of The educational institution unexpectedly appeared in the retinue of first Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Igor Guskov, who came to understand in a conflict situation.

“I was fired for the truth.”What does the teacher Elena Nosova

In conversation with journalists the official stressed that the parting with the lead teacher of the institution has nothing to do with his appeal to the government of the Russian Federation on “freezing of indexation of a salary”.

“Viktor Makarenko was fired due to the fact that he had repeated disciplinary sanctions that have been associated with the failure of his official duties. He didn’t want to work in new ways, the College dropped in the ranking, we have less students, and it is necessary to strengthen positions,” — commented the Director of TMT Love Lizogub.

“How I got fired»

The 62-year-old Professor shows us his office. But the door closed: it installed a new lock.

A week after the dismissal of the teacher sign Makarenko continues to be in place. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The day of his dismissal Viktor Borisovich remembers. That Tuesday he and his colleagues were preparing documents for the upcoming accreditation of the institution, when in the second half of the day head Love Lizogub looked in the Cabinet and in a very polite voice asked him: “Viktor Borisovich, please, please!»

Already in the office of the Director presented to the man his personal lawyer Nina Alekseevna“which now represents the interests of the Director and of the institution.”The lawyer went straight to the point and no explanation was offered for the teacher to terminate the employment contract by agreement of the parties. Having been refused, the lawyer asked him to sign another document.

Viktor Makarenko took the paper and went to read it. The article on which with him has terminated the employment contract is paragraph 5 of article 81 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation (“the Repeated failure by employee without good reason, job duties”).

Director of TMT Love Lizogub believes that teacher fired under the law. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The order was accompanied by a link 33 of the document. The next day, Professor in the Department of personnel has given up only seven of the 33 documents. “I believe that other normative documents I will provide, at the request of the court,” suggested the man.

The conflict of the Director and the teacher affects the learning process. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Weber suffered because of the truth

A graduate of the 90-ies Anton Harakas today specially came to the College to support and protect his former teacher that they boys were called (and continue to call) Weber (short for “Victor Miller”).

“All students at the same time, Weber feared and respected, and now it remains for us to unquestioned authority and a mentor with an interesting Outlook. We take and take from his example. During my studies of him have never heard of aggressive statements towards us, teenagers, in spite of the fact that we are very naughty in the walls Alma mater — he recalls. Thanks to the program, Viktor Borisovich, I received a diploma of Junior engineer. A College education allowed me correspondence study at Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute, worked for ten years at the plant in their field. In the shops of Metallurgical plant of all working College graduates!»

Graduate 90 Anton Karakos came to support their teacher. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Victor B. in College he worked in 1978 and went through five Directors. He first taught mathematics, then he led the student Committee and before the time of dismissal he worked as a Deputy Director on educational work. The problem had escalated with the arrival of the current Director, who was appointed by the regional Ministry of education a year and a half ago.

One of those who signed the letter to Prime Minister Medvedev, honored teacher of Russia, honorary worker of secondary vocational education Nina Belova says: “Believe the person is highly professional, I can confirm this because he worked with him 40 years. And all of a sudden it became objectionable, do not fit into those norms which decided to install the new head. My colleague got a flimsy penalty and try for the first time to dismiss him to reduce staff looked strange, but didn’t. Director, came into confrontation. I think that this is totally ending! Atmosphere in the team is now very hard, all sitting in the corners and don’t know how to react to it. We will soon have accreditation of the institution, and we can’t do business. In an atmosphere of bureaucracy, which covered our education, we do very unusual feature. Live on starvation wages. The cleaning lady and she gets more, and we are required, as in the center for space research»

Nina Belova believes that her colleague just became objectionable. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

His colleague supports the teacher of the highest category Tatiana Kirichek“A new Director came, and somehow started differently. Began to leave highly qualified specialists, as the requirements of the Director they did not understand. My personal opinion is: Makarenko suffered for the truth.”

The disciples respectfully called Makarenko Weber. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

What started the conflict

He Makarenko explains the background of the relationship with the boss: “there is different views on solving problems, I just said, “Dear Lubov, you were in charge of state-owned institution in this important field of work with children-orphans, and now you came to lead in the budgetary institution and your former sponsors in the metallurgical technical school you will not go! Here are the other financial bases and administrative pressure of success can not be achieved””.

40 years of excellent work in College Victor Khristenko has earned a full set of teachers ‘ regalia and awards. However, in January 2018, he received two reprimands on the basis of which is January 30, he was fired.

“I believe my rights have been violated, and have hope of a trial. His dismissal, I communicate directly with an appeal to Moscow”, — said Makarenko.

The door of the Cabinet of Viktor Makarenko embedded new castle. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The formal reason for the employment sanction from the Professor was the failure to comply with the “recommendations of the regional Ministry of education”. The Commission Department a few days worked at the College, responding to the first letter of the team about the lack of indexation of wages. “The recommendations are not binding, this is not a Directive, not an order. Unfortunately, the Rostov, the Commission decided not to meet with either the team or with its individual members”, — commented on the situation Makarenko.

Fired for criticism? The Director of the school in Petrozavodsk remained without work

The struggle for historical building of the College

The graduate College Anton Harakas in the dismissal of the commercial Makarenko sees the lowdown: “it is possible that someone tries to take out the leader of the institution, to deprive the College of the regional cultural heritage,” he said.

This opinion about the developments are not unfounded. Anton Harakas remembered that in the 90 years, in front of the College is located casino, which had views of the building, but the initiative group headed by Viktor Borisovich “repulsed” claims on real estate.

In a spectacular historic building TMT “laid eyes” a structure. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The mansion located on the Central street of the city of Taganrog and is a desirable target for many structures. Battle for elegant structure arise periodically. Once the judicial organization, remembered that in 1861 there was originally a district of the don Cossack court. Once there is such information, then there is requirement to return the building to the court. Defenders of College was lucky: the court settled in another place. Were and remain today, social claim to the College (and therefore the building) at the don state technical University (DSTU). Reference University of the region have already absorbed Polytechnic College of Taganrog, which has lost independence and is now a branch of the DSTU. Exactly the same perspective drawing and TMT.

The staff of educational institutions reigns a tense atmosphere. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Backs up the desire to repurpose the building of the metallurgical College and the fact that several years ago the city authorities promised the transfer of Taganrog Chekhov gymnasium.

“When all around our building there was a tension, we are consolidated, the team gave me the right to protect the interests of the object. I have a mandate to represent the interests of the College in all departments, attended high offices. Then time was on our side, we managed to defend the independence of the institution,” — says Victor Makarenko.

Today, the College of Taganrog regional Commission clarifies all the circumstances of the conflict in the team. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Not in favor of the TMT and the current situation in the industry. Earlier at the Taganrog metallurgical plant employed 14 thousand people, now it is two times less: a little over six thousand workers. Of course, it objectively affects perspective, there are rumors that an educational institution can be placed in more compact spaces. Today, the College produces annually 120 participants, including 70 people ready to take Taganrog metallurgical plant.

“Alumni offering me a job!»

The scandal with the suspension of a teacher, maybe would have remained a local story, but the teacher suddenly supported Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructing local authorities to deal “in dubious dismissal”.

The first Deputy Governor Igor Guskov warmly talked with Victor Makarenko. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The first Deputy Governor Igor Guskov has promised the team to thoroughly clarify the situation and make a decision. Before going to a collective meeting, the officer warmly greeted Makarenko and even exchanged with him a few words.

“I have already received offers of work from my former students, but crucial for me to get back to your second home: school. Therefore, I intend to go to court and defend their labor rights, to obtain compensation for moral damage. And the people who threw me out, must be punished,” — says Makarenko.

While preparing the material became known that on Monday, February 12, the Director of the College wrote the application about dismissal at own will. Temporarily fulfilling duties of the head of the educational institution that will be appointed immediately after the dismissal of the acting Director, the working group recommended the adoption of measures to restore, V. B., Makarenko, Deputy Director of the Taganrog metallurgical College. This was reported by the press service of the Governor of the Rostov region.

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