Diploma is not enough. As a graduate to adapt in a first job


According to the labor Ministry, more than 70% of graduates are forced to complete their education while working. Partially the additional required education are paid by employers.

In a number of universities for several years trying to solve the problem of orientation of theoretical knowledge, which students receive on the practical demands of the economy and business.

One of the successful solutions to this issue are the employment centers and adaptation of students. At the University of “synergy” such a centre has been successfully operating for over 10 years. According to Executive Director of University Vadim Lobov, from the very beginning the task was that the number of teachers was most successful entrepreneurs and top managers of major Russian companies. Thanks to the lectures presented by experienced managers, seminars and business forums, students have the latest information from real business and Economics.

Self-development and risk. How to build a career?

“But this is not enough, as long as the student has not visited in the present workplace, you will not experience for yourself what daily routine and certain tasks, even the best lectures remain for him merely a theory,” — said Vadim Lobov. To solve this problem in the Center of employment of “Synergy” for students since the first course organized internships and practices in various companies. Partners center for more than 300 companies working in different directions. It is the largest Russian banks, hotel chains, retail. “Synergy” at the same time provides students with the necessary practical experience and is for partner companies a constant source of young professionals who have already passed the adaptation to corporate standards and have experience of real work.

“A diploma on hand is not enough, — says Vadim Lobov. — If a hiring Manager has two candidates, he will invite to work that for a few weeks or months worked in the company and has an idea about what he will have to do in the new workplace.”

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