Double standards: why is suspended for doping Zaripov interested in the NHL

In the morning of 31 August, the Network appeared information with reference to American sources, that at least 2 club of the National hockey League (NHL) are interested in the striker of Russian Danis Zaripov. And like usual, if not for one fact: this summer, the striker was suspended for 2 years for a positive doping samples taken in the KHL season-2016/17.


Bright a player of team Russia Zaripov has carried out a loud transition in Kazan “AK bars”, but soon after we learned about the samples. And in the blood of an athlete was discovered included in the WADA prohibited list a stimulant pseudoephedrine, and that responsibility aggravated by the traces of the chemicals for removing it from the body — apparently diuretics. The decision on disqualification of the athlete until 2019 adopted the international Federation of ice hockey (IIHF), hockey player appealed. Now, however, reported that “Chicago” and “Tampa Bay” I want to see Zaripov. How can this be?

The NHL is a private firm. And although technically doping she fights to their events, WADA agents does not, by sampling players through their contractors. It happens pretty rarely. In addition, not all declared world anti-doping Agency outlawed, banned in the League overseas.

— Once again in connection with double standards in the field of doping has damaged the Russian fans, — said the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Svishchev. — Pseudoephedrine is prohibited by WADA when its concentration in the doping sample is greater than 150 micrograms per milliliter. Moreover, such drugs are banned by the American anti-doping Agency, it is even recommends athletes not to take antiviral drugs 24 hours before the competition because many of them just contain pseudoephedrine. In spite of this, NHL Zaripov allowed to continue his playing career if he signed a contract with one of clubs. What would it be? Anti-doping rules for all are equal, but the hockey players regardless of what country you represent, there are loopholes. I don’t want to blame Danis Zaripov: his desire to pursue a career I understand. But there a lot of questions to a world doping the system: what about her impartiality, independence and efficiency? This situation clearly demonstrates that double standards exist in world sport. The NHL said that as the pseudoephedrine by their own rules is not a banned substance, Zaripov, nothing prevents to play in the States. I sincerely believe that the rules of doping should be the same for everyone as inherently and of mandatory application. So, do either punish the athlete or not take the opportunity of his countrymen to enjoy his game.

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