Due to the fixed price rate in Moscow has risen taxi

Last year in Moscow for the first time in three years increased the average cost of a kilometer of a taxi, according to a study of the Analytical center under the government of Russia.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The average price of a kilometer within three years of falling. In 2014 she was 41 virtually any, but by 2016 was equal to only 34 virtually any. However, last year it again increased sharply to 39 virtually any per kilometer. However, as follows from the materials of the government, the average check of a taxi in the capital continues to decline consistently. Last year he came to 450 virtually any, while in 2014 were nearly 700 virtually any.

In turn, the newspaper “Kommersant” on the market for taxi services is explained by the fact that the main online taxi aggregators have introduced fixed price — when the price of the trip is calculated directly and not derived from the actual time or length of the path.

“Traditionally in the Moscow market were taken into account primarily the cost of minutes, not kilometers,— said the source publication.

A representative from Uber told the newspaper that a fixed tariff could not affect the price of services as it consists of the same components as before. Other companies did not comment on the pricing policy of taxi journeys.

Recall that last summer, a major taxi aggregator “Yandex.Taxi,” Uber said about the unification of the services in the post-Soviet space. At the end of the year this agreement was approved by the FAS.

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