Dziuba called journalist Utkin “despicable human being” and wished him to get well

The attacker “Zenit”, Artem Dzyuba, who is on loan until the end of the season will be over Tula “Arsenal”, said the well-known journalist Vasily Utkin. He called it “beyond stupid”, and the player had passed this statement, saying that Utkin “poor man.”

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Artem Dzyuba in an interview spoke about his relationship with the ex-coach of “Spartacus”, and now the helmsman “Rostov” Valery Carpini. The footballer said that the expert “has promised to roll him as a football player”, why he had to leave the greenhouse conditions and to change Moscow to Tomsk. However, it helped him develop as a man and as a player.

Commenting on these words, Vasily Utkin has called the film a sincere, but prohibitively stupid.

“Bob, I honestly do feel sorry for. He’s a little man. Many can say about him, but don’t want to just. Wish him speedy recovery and all,” responded the Russian, quoted by RBC.

We will remind that Artem is a player of “Zenith”, however, until the end of the season the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) 2017/18 will play for the Tula Arsenal.

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