Economists declared the policy of reform

“Economists of Russia” — under such motto in the State Kremlin Palace has passed the all-Russia economic meeting, which was attended by over 1500 people, including prominent state and public figures, representatives of Russian regions, youth organizations and foreign guests. The event was organized by Free economic society (VEO) of Russia with the support of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.


“We, the economists, today, it is important to focus on the analysis of the lessons of what happened in our country 100 years ago, said in his opening remarks, President of the Free economic society of Russia Sergey BODRUNOV. — Certain analogies with today’s Russia is obvious. Now reforms in the state isare overdue. They need to run and to pass they must simultaneously — in the economy, in society, in the institutional environment.”

Specific areas of reforms that will allow Russia to take the place that is worthy of a great power, was analyzed in the report “Russia in the world: risks and opportunities” the Vice-President of VEO of Russia, head of the Institute of world economy and international relations, RAS academician Alexander Dynkin.

They claimed the theses developed in the course of the discussion in plenary, the Director of the Institute of economic forecasting RAS academician Viktor Ivanter, President of the Association of regional banks of Russia Alexander Murychev, Chairman of the Committee on budget and financial markets Federation Council Sergey Ryabukhin, the head of administration of Tambov region Alexander Nikitin and the Chairman of the alternative world forum Samir Amin.

Abramova M. A. (right)

Very important words said with a greeting to the participants of all-Russia economic meeting, Moscow mayor Sergei SOBYANIN: “Economists is the brain, it is the headquarters of all structures, ranging from the highest state and ending with the enterprises, organizations, business. And to your knowledge, your skills, your work depends largely on the economy of each enterprise and our country as a whole.”

At the meeting, an agreement was signed on cooperation between the VEO of Russia and the Russian Association of international cooperation. The event was to launch the first ceremony of electing the laureates of the Russian higher social economic award “Economist of the year”. Her owner in 2017 became the Professor of the Department of financial markets and banks, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Marina Abramova and the author’s Medium-term programme of socio-economic development of Russia till 2025 “Strategy of growth”.

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