Elon Max announced in social networks about “bankruptcy” Tesla

American businessman Elon Musk on 1 April announced the bankruptcy of his car company Tesla. The “proof” the billionaire posted a photo of himself, allegedly in a state of intoxication.

“Despite the powerful efforts to raise money, including the massive sale of Easter eggs, we sadly have to admit that Tesla is bankrupt,” wrote Elon, adding that the company went bankrupt so much that “you can’t even imagine” the scale of the disaster.

The following message indicated that the Mask was found unconscious near the car Tesla Model 3, surrounded by “Telekill”. “Traces of dried tears still visible on his cheeks,” – said in a tweet.

Note that in late March, Tesla withdrew 123 thousands of Model S electric cars that were released before April 2016. The occasion was the rusty bolts on cars that are operated in winter conditions.

Against this background, the credit rating of the Tesla Motors dropped to B3 with a negative Outlook, as the company’s shares fell 15 percent.

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