Every clinic in Moscow will be a home-care service


Moscow, June 19 – AIF-Moscow.

Authorities of the capital have decided to send additional funds to support home visiting services in the city. The decision on the grants received in the framework of the meeting of the Presidium of the Moscow Cabinet.

The rise in the salaries of doctors?

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin noted that such services are vital as the city increases life expectancy. This means that a growing number of older citizens who need help at home. The mayor supported the idea to develop the nursing service at the clinics. He also believes that participating in the system of specialists should be encouraged.

According to the head of the Moscow Department of health Alexei Khripun, the system of patronage services, the doctors will additionally to base pay for virtually any 25 thousand a month, and nurses – for 15 thousand virtually any.

Earlier the city authorities ordered a number of other incentive payments for health workers. For example, the owners of the title “Moscow doctor” receive 15 thousand roubles, nurses who care for patients with multiple chronic diseases, virtually any earn 20 thousand a month extra, etc.

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