Expert: “Dzyuba, Zenit will not sell as buy Smolov”

While forecasters do not get tired to scare the Russians cold in the summer, in our hot football transfer rumours and the occurrence of transitions. More than anything the “weather” in the number one sport affected by the St. Petersburg “Zenit” and defender of “Krasnodar” CSKA Moscow.

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Perhaps the way forward “bulls” and the new team Roberto Mancini will soon intersect. At least, that such advice was given to Frank Smolova Alexander Kokorin in an interview: “it would be advised Smolova? Looking where to go in Europe. In Borussia Dortmund? Klopp previously, I loved it. But now… All the same “Zenith”! When I moved to Zenit, I realized that this club is known and respected in Europe. Wherever you are on holiday, many with admiration ask about the team. Here you are always in sight, and if you leave, can get lost.”

It’s hard to say whether such advice Smolov colleagues in the role, but his supposedly imminent transition from the “Krasnodar” in Dortmund, in the “Spartak” and “Zenith” – not for the first time appears in the feeds of sports news, though without legal confirmation. Perhaps, just yet. Some time ago, repeatedly went to the forefront information about the transfer of Smolova in “Spartak”.

Now the player is still a player of “Krasnodar”. Moreover, in a friendly match with CSKA Smolov got injured and didn’t even take part in the presentation of a new form, and instead went with the army to Moscow for medical examination. An additional effect of the incident gives the statement of the representative of Smolov Kahor Muminov that the medical staff “Krasnodar” refused to organise an MRI for a player.

It is difficult to predict will effect whether the incident on the relationship Smolova with the “Krasnodar”. Previously, the player has admitted that he wants to play in the Champions League in the team of Sergey Galitsky.

The management “Zenith” also denied the transfer of assumptions about Smolov. But as they say, no smoke without fire, and to the advice Kokorin added rumors that in the near future the St. Petersburg club may leave striker Artem Dzyuba.

Not to guess, how likely is at least theoretically transition Smolova in “Zenith” we talked about it with our constant expert, sports Manager Pavel Nesterov:

— I think the transition Smolov will be a glut in the offensive line. There is already Kokorin, Dzyuba.

— If “Zenith” will sell the film? Recently there was such information.

— He has a very big salary. Who will pay him the same money? Abroad is hard to find such salaries. Why “Zenith” to sell the film if it brings results and of tremendous benefit to the team? The player on a long term contract. Its all happy at Zenit, and the club should be pleased with the high performance of the player. The obvious reasons for dissatisfaction no, unless it’s internal conflicts, which we do not know.

— Will, in your opinion, pitch in “Zenit”?

— I think not. The film will play the role of “tip”. Smolov do not need the Zenit. It’s sports Director Konstantin sarsania also said that Smolov in the team will not. With regard to exhibition, it is perhaps his desire as a player of “Zenith” to a friend was around, played with him in one team, and not passed in “Spartak”, which is the main competitor in the fight for the championship. So maybe Alexander Kokorin just thinks out loud.

— Can this statement be associated with the kind of reputation Kokorin, his attitude to public opinion?

In principle, this is possible. Kokorin is a great player and I wish we talked more about his in-game qualities and results on the field, but did not discuss his statements…

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