Expert: “Jikia has not so many chances to play at the world Cup”

As the head of the medical Department of football “Spartacus” Michael Vartapetov, defender Georgy Jikia, recently received a serious knee injury is holding up well and working on recovery after surgery.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The timing of the return of the player in operation to vary. But usually the recovery period in such cases is rather long lasting on average six to eight months.

Because of this, the defender will likely miss the upcoming world Cup. The head coach of a national team Stanislav Cherchesov, however, supported the victim player and stressed that such dramatic moments are in the career of many athletes, and now the most important thing to focus on, and not to dwell on the inability to perform at the 2018 world Cup.

— I am convinced that Djikia cope with this injury, will be back and will be even stronger – as a player and as a person, concluded Cherchesov.

Words of encouragement George Djikia come from many players. In social networks George was supported by teammates Alexander Samedov, Jano Ananidze, Dmitry Kombarov, Salvatore bocchetti, Roman Zobnin, also recently recovered from a similar injury. Sympathetically responded to the incident, Zenit Artem Dzyuba, model “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov and Vladislav Ignatyev, FC Dynamo Kyiv striker Kirill Panchenko. The health and speedy recovery of the Russian football player wished FIFA and UEFA, having published the corresponding record in the official microblogging on various social networks.

We will remind, the defender of “Spartacus” was injured during the test match club in the UAE with the Chinese “Shanghai SIPG”.

“MK” has decided to understand the nature and specifics of the injury, which often began to meet in sports today, and asked about this a practicing sports doctor, who wished to remain anonymous, but is well aware of what “crosses”. So usually call this corruption in sporting goods.

Is a permanent injury. Full rupture of the cruciate ligament was operated on by far the, partial tears, depending on their extent, sometimes not treated surgically. Treatment and recovery period within five to six months after surgery, which unfortunately means that in our case the omission of the 2018 world Cup. But in modern sport there is a tendency to shortening of rehabilitation. It is connected with the financial Affairs of the clubs and players So there is a chance, though, of course, not so much. Of course, I would like to the athletes as early as possible returned to the system, and all this is done: used the whole Arsenal of physiotherapy, medicine, physical recovery methods.

How long may be the recovery depends on many factors. All of the athletes this period is different. This is due to the first injury, or re, is there any combination with other injuries inside the joint. Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament is often associated with rupture of the meniscus, and in the worst case, rupture of the collateral ligament of the knee. As a result, the joint loses stability and then recovery may take more than six months.

In addition, it is important the initial state of the muscular, ligamentous and skeletal structures. If the muscle tone, physical readiness and associated trauma located in a favorable focus, a man was in the best shape, muscles in good condition, no trauma, then, is most likely the recovery period will be too long. In any case, it will be an adequate time frame.

Another thing, if this is a re-injury or the leg was still micronutri muscles, damage to ligaments, chondromalacia, patellofemoral arthritis, other diseases of cartilage in this knee. There are so many diseases and chronic conditions, which can significantly worsen and lengthen rehabilitation.

Why such injuries have become more frequent? It’s difficult to tell, but they actually become more. Actually has different stats contact and non-contact discontinuities. There are different mechanisms of damage. If there was a collision, tackle, play a role in the accident. People just faced someone who someone shattered leg. Here to look for a correlation with something hard: it’s like a punch in the face, blind chance.

On the other hand, non-contact injury. It’s a completely different story. For example, no collision, and the man landed badly, badly set leg, but had no direct contact with the body of the opponent or a projectile. In these cases, a significant role is played by flaws in the training process, warm-UPS, cool-downs, stretching, recovery mode, availability of physiotherapy, massage in the program of an athlete; whether it is optimal; in which it psychological state — I recommend it whether or not at all.

Muscle tone greatly affects the stability of the knee joint. If an underdeveloped quadriceps thighs, especially her inner head, there is an additional risk of noncontact injury. This can contribute to overtraining.

Fine coordination may also suffer from constant lack of sleep or nervous stress on the family background or other problems. The head is a little distracted, stray nerve impulses, muscle tone suffers accordingly can happen injury. This is a very delicate matter, but they cannot be deleted. Stress, contact injury in many situations is a coincidence, and contactless always means some trouble with the training process or an athlete. A healthy player never landed on the foot to tear my cruciate ligament, if he is in optimum form. If no injury occurs. The same examples, unfortunately, was, is and always will be.

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