Expert on doping scandal: “WADA is behaving very hypocritically”

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has responded to the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on participation of the Russian team at the Olympic games in 2018. As stated by the representative of WADA Maggie Durand, the verdict of the IOC did not affect the recovery powers of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA).


According to her, the WADA has left unchanged the requirements of RUSADA, namely: the recognition by the Russian side of the results set out in the report of Richard McLaren and providing access to chemical samples and databases of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. In other words, while the question of the return of former RUSADA rights and powers not.

Comment agreed known sports lawyer and resident expert, “MK” Artem PATSEV:

— The verdict of the IOC, the Commission Schmid and the lifting of sanctions against RUSADA not in any way linked. RUSADA Powers can be restored only on the results of the Council of founders WADA. He’s not going every day, and the next meeting will be held in may 2018. It will be made a decision.

— Completed now requirements of the road map for RUSADA WADA?

— According to official statements of WADA and the report of the Commission Schmid, requirements RUSADA are – the provision of access to closed cities and to the databases of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. In fact, both criteria are met. Firstly, it solved the problem of doping officers to athletes living in the so-called “closed cities”. Secondly, the Investigative Committee, as follows from press releases and posted and shared documents, repeatedly informed WADA on cooperation. The Russian side expects from the WADA proposals for the forms of this interaction. As for the recognition of the report of McLaren, then, first, formally, this criterion is not reflected either in the report of the Commission Schmid, neither the decision of the IOC. And nothing to do with it.

— The probability of restoration of the powers of the Russian anti-doping Agency exist?

— I think that’s supposed to happen in November. Formal conditions on the part of RUSADA made. It is important to understand that RUSADA is a public institution, and she could not provide the acknowledgement by the state of any reports. It is simply impossible, because RUSADA is an independent organization, and this independence is bilateral, i.e., the state also does not depend on the opinions or positions of RUSADA. It is therefore evident that RUSADA has long fulfilled all the criteria of the road map, one way or another depend on it.

— That is, the dialogue itself refuses WADA?

Yes. As rightly said Peter Nicholson, an expert WADA designated for recovery of RUSADA, everything that happens in the world of sport is associated only with the word “hypocrisy” – hypocrisy.

WADA can escape from the dialogue indefinitely. Despite verbal assurances, no one – including WADA and is not interested in the actual strengthening of RUSADA. Easier to manage, the half dead organization and dictate anything. And it can last a very long time.

— Not affected even by a change in the management of RUSADA?

— Here come the new head of RUSADA and nothing has changed, although it was one of the conditions for lifting the ban on the activities of the Agency. At the request of WADA was selected as the new Director, who agreed with WADA. What?

In my opinion, WADA behaves very hypocritically, continually supplementing and changing the criteria for recovery. Turns out just a game of “cat and mouse” game rules that are constantly changing one of the players.

— This is a vicious circle?

— Right. And prospects for the restoration of the powers of RUSADA can be assessed with a probability of either Yes or no. Like the joke about the blonde and the probability of a pink elephant on Tverskaya either will recover or not.

— A group of suspended athletes filed in the international court of arbitration in Lausanne. What are the chances of claims?

— I never think about the chances: the situation is very tense. Difficult to pick a panel of impartial arbitrators who are not thoroughly imbued with propaganda. Depending on what kind of society is the arbitrator for him Rodchenkov hero and wrestler with the “terrible Russian” and “system,” either he is a criminal and a traitor.

While not submitted reasoned complaints, and the so-called statement on the complaints. For 20 of the 22 athletes who applied to the court, even motivated decisions yet. In such a situation, to assess any chance at all pointless.

— Even so?

— Of course. Now the complaints have nothing – just “we (are something) does not agree with the decision of the IOC”. Without a complete, motivated solutions to the IOC by each athlete, we can’t file the complaint with a statement of the reasons why we do not agree with the decisions.

— What you need to do now athletes?

— I am sure that we must fight and defend their rights – the athletes, the government and the Olympic Committee of Russia, the Ministry of sport. The same thing should be done and RUSADA and not sit idly by. The Agency sort of has fulfilled the requirements and it was not restored. I think this is also grounds for filing a lawsuit. The world anti-doping code recognizes the right of the national anti-doping organisation to apply to the court of arbitration for sport, an independent panel of arbitrators considered lawful and justified the decision of WADA on refusal in restoration of RUSADA, or not. Act seems to be the only way.

In my opinion, is clear to everyone that no policy of appeasement with international sports organizations does not pass. They take this position solely as a weakness. It was clear from Dec 2014.

— It turns out that our sports officials three years is inactive?

In a sense, Yes. They, too, can make a complaint because it was necessary to protect the interests of athletes in accordance with the Olympic Charter and other international sport rules to work in the legal field. This, by the way, he said, and the President even before the Olympics in Rio. No one offers to throw WADA mud, but you need to use all available legal possibilities to protect the rights and individual athletes and sports organizations of our country.

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