Football, Premier League: fired For what Rinat Bilyaletdinov

“Given the considerable experience of Sergei on the coaching Front post, his knowledge of the Far East, and also work together with many players of the current team of CSKA, the management of football club “SKA-Minsk” hopes that a new coach will be able to solve its tasks,” — said in a statement on the official website of the far East, sent after the draw in Grozny resigned Rinat Bilyaletdinov.


Author: Svetlana Beketov.

Rinat Zarovich lasted the coach obvious outsider of the Premier League a little over three months, and the team had under his leadership only 4 games. Statistics SKA with Bilyaletdinov is not the most fun – 3 lose in a row in which the festival failed to score a single goal. And cost the coach to take the first team point, Yes not aby where, and on the road in traditionally inhospitable Grozny, followed by a resignation.

Perhaps understand the nervousness and the inconsistency of actions of the army leadership at the fans is not difficult, after all, far East, the club suffered in his debut in the elite division the crushing season sports collapse. But what sense was to invite in December coach igrovie famous for in the first place ability to work with young people and to adjust combinational football in a team before the winter break made it clear that above last place in the standings, it does not rise? To admit, such a personnel decision looks like a mockery of Rinat Syrovice, the hasty dismissal which causes confusion and frustration.

SKA and its new coach remains only to wish good luck. Only in order to satisfy windy ladies, club management needs to clearly understand the solution of which tasks it is waiting for the new coach. After all, with Bilyaletdinov this understanding was not. Sergei front had already told him that he was not a magician and expect SKA wins in all the remaining six matches is not worth it. So these tasks will be addressed in the first division.

Anatoly Byshovets, the trainer-the winner of Olympics in 1988:

“The resignation of Bilyaletdinov was a surprise. It is difficult in such a short period of time that he spent at the helm of the team coach, to solve any problem. I think that the matches that were lost “Tosno”, “Spartacus” and “Ural”, and became the main reason for the dismissal. Bilyaletdinov was expecting more, but I think that the situation was more complex than he imagined. I believe that any personnel changes are not able today to fundamentally change the situation in the team “SKA-Minsk”

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