Football referee Viktor Filippov: “video Replays should not replace the game itself”

It’s finally happened!.. The introduction of video replay system in domestic football has been discussed but somewhat vague terms and without specifics.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Now the situation became clear. Russian Premier League has officially approved the initiative and started the implementation of technical innovations in the stadiums of Russia. For equipment of a professional football field equipment for video recording gaming moments was unanimously voted all members of the Board of the Premier League.

We already know that the process will be phased in for some time and is expected to start in the second half of the season 2017/2018 in the Championship of Russia. The beginning of The practical part of the work will be preceded by the approval of FIFA and IFAB, the selection and purchase of appropriate equipment and training of the judiciary. Became known approximate price of the issue. As stated earlier President RFS Vitaly Mutko, for the introduction of video replays will require about $1.2 million to the stadium and the operation of the system will cost $100 thousand per year.

In any case, with the introduction of the judges Videophone VAR football in Russia will face serious changes. What are the consequences and pitfalls of this revolutionary step? Opinion with the “MK” shared a famous Soviet and Russian football referee, master of sports of the USSR, the inspector of matches Viktor Filippov.

From video we’re not going anywhere, because there are many contentious issues. First of all, the increased game speed. Before three arbitrators copes, and now need helpers for the gate. The judge is not physically have time to sit in a particular area of the ball flight, fight players or breaking the rules. Video surveillance system should be focused on a goal, the penalty (or the identification of the simulation) and the definition of “offside”. All the rest of the officiating crew must dismantle their own interaction. It is at different points of the vision and there are major difficulties.

It is important to use video replays in controversial nature of the score, watch the ball crossed the line or not. The most important thing. The second is the penalty. If the referee is in the optimal position to determine whether a penalty, there is no need to view the episode further. If the judge has doubt, then appeal to the video justified. The third situation is the situation “out of play”. But we camera shows a line of attack and defense, not the starting point where there is an impact. This is wrong and can distort the perception of time. Yes, you can debug the correct location of the cameras. But then you need quite a large number of cameras. Another question: can in a specially designed Cabinet to quickly identify the offside? The video surveillance system must be configured and polished in such a way as to also to prevent erroneous decisions. Need a wide viewing angle. The camcorder needs to be properly placed and give a picture with five or six angles in the penalty area, on the line of offside.

However, the new system will require very large financial investments. This is not a trifle, and lots of questions, a whole system: the equipment behind the goal, on the penalty line, on the flanks. It’s not so simple. Given the upcoming world Cup in Russia, it will be a great help. On the stadiums that will host matches of the tournament, the video will be necessarily introduced at the request of FIFA. With other arenas more difficult.

It is necessary to take into account the time parameter, the relationship of the arbitrators, the substitute judge. Those who are sitting in the room watching in front of monitors. Even when the experiment was conducted at the Confederations Cup, youth competitions — and that was a lot of overlap. There is a difference, understands the situation, 30 seconds or 3 minutes. Or, say, with one camera visible from the penalty spot, and another angle — no. Many florid moments that require testing and experimental verification.

Unfortunately, at the Confederations Cup, with video replays were mistakes. Football, hockey, playing sports spectacle. But football, and more space game so it is important time determine on the monitor. It should be reduced to the minimum within 30 seconds. If longer, it’s bad. When compared with hockey, there is a washer less ball, the other the pace of the game, a narrower area. Yes, an ice hockey goalkeeper are already special lights, alarm system. FIFA is testing these sensors only in the experiment. In football is different than hockey, the density of action, different scale. Work there — a lot. The game should not be emasculated by it innovation.

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