Football the championship of Russia: Vadim Evseev with “amkarom” will help “Spartaku” will be closer to the “locomotive”

“MK” continues the traditional categories, which not only announced the matches of the nearest round of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), but given forecasts. Especially for you we have gathered all the useful information about upcoming games in one place: from statistics of personal meetings rivals to the quotations of bookmakers. I hope with our help you will be easier to understand in the pre-match scenario.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

March 31, Saturday

“Amkar” (Perm) — “The Locomotive” (Moscow)

11.30 (hereinafter time Moscow). Moscow. The Lokomotiv stadium (capacity — 28 800 spectators)

The total value of players: 16 800 000 Euro / 000 Euro 63 000

Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg)

Coaches: Vadim Evseev / Yuri Semin

Leaders: Artur Nigmatullin / Manuel Fernandes

The meeting in the first round: 1:0

The last meeting on the field “Amkar”: 0:0

Total balance: +8=9-12, 24:39

The last 5 matches of Amkar in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 3:9

The last 5 matches of Lokomotiv in the Premier League: +4=1-0, 8:2

Factors of bookmakers: 8,50—4,10—1,47

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: This meeting can not be impressive eye-catching Billboard, but even before the starting whistle has become Central in the upcoming round. The thing is, as you might imagine, the postponement of the match from Perm to Moscow. The artificial field of stadium “the Star” was not ready for severe spring weather conditions and the nominal owners agreed to host the game in Cherkizovo.

Pretty interesting to look at the coaching confrontation experienced Yuri Semin is still only taking their first steps on the coaching career of Vadim Yevseyev. It seems that more recently, Vadim Valentinovich himself took the field under the leadership of Yuri Pavlovich, and now will try to get that precious points, which at the finish of the championship may not be enough for Lokomotiv to the League title. Or “Formula” for maintaining residence in the top division. Prediction: 0:1

“Ahmad” (Grozny) — “SKA-Khabarovsk” (Khabarovsk)

14.00. Terrible. “Akhmat-Arena” (30 598)

The total value of the players: 34 680 000 / 13 950 000

Referee: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)

Coaches: Mikhail Galaktionov / Rinat Bilyaletdinov

Leaders: Andrey Semenov/ Alexander Dovbnya

The meeting in the first round: 2:2

The last meeting in Grozny: 0:0

Total balance: +0=2-3, 4:8

The last 5 matches of “Ahmad” in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 4:8

The last 5 matches of SKA in the Premier League: +0=0-5, 1:12

Factors of bookmakers: 1,30—5,50—11,50

Stream: “The Match! Football-3”

“MK”: Home win over the obvious outsider of the championship, in fact will protect the Department from direct relegation, because in this case the gap from the danger zone will be measured by the distance of more than 2 wins. However, motivation is secondary, as “Ahmad” in all components superior opponent on paper. I agree with this assessment of the balance of power and the bookies are offering for the victory as expected, the lowest coefficient in tours, indicating a very low probability that the channel will be able to catch at least a draw. Prediction: 1:0

“Dynamo” (Moscow) — “The Arsenal” (Tula)

16.30. Khimki. “Arena Khimki” (18 636)

The total value of the players: 26 700 000 / 26 400 000

Referee: Vladimir Moskalev (Voronezh)

Coaches: Dmitry Khokhlov / Miodrag Božović

Leaders: Alex Kozlov / Kirill Kombarov

The meeting in the first round: 0:1

The last meeting in Khimki: 1:1

Total balance: +1=2-1, 5:5

The last 5 matches of Dynamo in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 6:3

Last 5 Arsenal games in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 6:4

Factors of bookmakers: 2,50—3,00—3,25

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: the Sign promises a very interesting match. The motivation of opponents, some of which have not yet secured themselves from relegation, and the second have every reason to expect to Eurocups zone, rolls over. And play Moscow and Tula in quite a similar style. But if Arsenal is clearly on the move, which confirms its spring, the Dynamo even still damp. Yes, and this variability in the offensive line, which could boast winter to get into their ranks Artem Dzyuba Miodrag božović, Dmitry Hohlov can only dream of. Prediction: 1:2

“Spartak” (Moscow) — Tosno (Tosno)

19.00. Moscow. “Open Arena” (45 360)

The total value of the players: 121 800 000 / 14 950 000

Referee: Vitaly Meshkov (Dmitrov)

Coaches: Massimo Carrera / Dmitry Parfenov

Leaders: Luiz Adriano / Evgeny Chernov

The meeting in the first round: 2:2

The last meeting in Moscow: 0:1 DV (Cup of Russia 2013/2014)

Total balance: +0=1-1, 2:3

The last 5 matches of Spartak in the Premier League: +4=1-0, 7:1

The last 5 matches, winning in the Premier League: +1=0-4, 2:12

Factors of bookmakers: 1,30—5,30—11,00

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: the Meeting of these rivals in the first round in St. Petersburg was very bright and remembered for the dramatic ending, when tenancy, losing 0:2 in the last 5 minutes managed to double-hit the gate Artem Rebrov and stole a red-and-white victory. And this despite the fact that with a 29-minute “Spartak” played in the majority after removal of Vitaliy Shakhov. Then goals in the team Dmitry Parfyonov has noted Anton Zabolotny and Eugene Markov, who transferred this winter to Zenit and Dynamo respectively, but the coaching staff of the guests has a secret weapon in the person of Pavel Pogrebnyak, who probably will enter the field with a particular mindset.

Favorites are undoubtedly the Muscovites. Cute “Tosno”, as well as a few seasons ago leiceste “Arsenal” or from “Orenburg” Robert treatment, gaining points with great difficulty. “Tosno” their example proves once again that not having a cool selection of players a team aspiring to play football, not desperately fighting for points, almost is doomed. Football in the narrow circle of such a specialist is required to pick whist and respectful nods from colleagues, but not the fact that I will be able to keep the club in the Premier League. Prediction: 2:0

April 1, Sunday

“Ural” (Ekaterinburg) — “Rubin” (Kazan)

14.00. Ekaterinburg. “Ekaterinburg-Arena” (35 000)

The total value of the players: 20 280 000 / 34 900 000

Referee: Sergei Ivanov (Rostov-on-don)

Coach: Aleksandr Tarkhanov / Kurban Berdyev

Leaders: Eric Bicfalvi / Gokdeniz Karadeniz

The meeting in the first round: 1:0

The last meeting in Yekaterinburg: 2:1

Total balance: +5=1-6, 10:15

Last 5 games for Ural in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 5:6

The last 5 matches of “ruby” in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 6:5

Factors of bookmakers: 3,20—2,90—2,60

Stream: “Our football”

MK: In the spring “Ural” does not look very convincing, but apparently Rubin adds from match to match. Serious support for the home team will be the fact that this meeting will be the debut for “bumblebees” on a brand new arena built for the world Cup. Certainly in the stands are thinking of not only devoted fans of “Ural”, but mere onlookers that will come to appreciate the architectural novelty. But the game “the ruby” still looks more preferable. Prediction: 0:1

“Ufa” (Ufa) — “Zenit” (St. Petersburg)

16.30. Ufa. The Stadium “Neftyanik” (15 200)

The total value of the players: 25 430 000 / 128 850 000

Referee: Igor Fedotov (Moscow)

Coaches: Sergei Semak / Roberto Mancini

Leaders: Dmitry Stotskaya / Domenico Criscito

The meeting in the first round 0:3

The last meeting in Ufa: 0:0

Total balance: +0=3-5, 2:10

The last 5 matches “Ufa” in the Premier League: +3=1-1, 8:4

The last 5 matches of “Zenit” in the Premier League: +1=3-1, 3:4

Factors of bookmakers: 4,65—3,20—1,95

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

MK: Rumors that Sergei Semak can change the post of the head coach “Zenith” Roberto Mancini, today, does not seem very well. So Sergey Bogdanovich will receive in this meeting is a chance not only to select points at “Zenith” in St.-Petersburg, but also to show the merchandise to potential employers.

The productivity of attacks “Zenith” after the resumption of the championship RFPL extremely low, and “Ufa” is not the rival, in the meeting with whom you can expect a large number of goals. Roll the dice, and let the lack of goals in this match at all. Prediction: 0:0

“Krasnodar” (Krasnodar) — “Anzhi” (Makhachkala)

19.00. Krasnodar. The Stadium “Krasnodar” (34 291)

The total value of the players: 86 100 000 / 16 950 000

Referee: Alex Eskov (Moscow)

Coaches: Igor Shalimov / Vadim Skripchenko

Leaders: CSKA Moscow / Arsen Khubulov

The meeting in the first round: 5:1

The last meeting in Krasnodar: 0:0

Total balance: +8=6-2, 31:15

The last 5 matches of FC Krasnodar in Premier League: +3=1-1, 9:5

The last 5 matches of Anji in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 9:6

Factors of bookmakers: 1,45—4,55—7,40

Stream: “Our football”

MK: Perhaps the easiest match to predict. In the Arsenal of “Anzhi” there are simply no trump cards that they could play in the match with “bulls”. Prediction: 3:0

“Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) — CSKA (Moscow)

19.00. Rostov-on-don. Stadium “The Olympus-2” (15 840)

The total value of the players: 25 100 000 / 101 680 000

Referee: Roman Galimov (Ulan-Ude)

Coach: Valery Karpin / Viktor Gancharenko

Leaders: Timofei Kalachev / Pontus Wernbloom

The meeting in the first round: 0:2

The last meeting in Rostov-on-don: 2:0

Total balance: +9=5-17, 27:49

The last 5 matches of FC Rostov in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 4:7

The last 5 matches of CSKA in the Premier League: +4=0-1, 11:3

Factors of bookmakers: 3,45—3,00—2,40

Stream: “Match TV”

“MK”: “Rostov” under the direction of Valery Karpin looks quite nice, but to claim his first win with a new team coach can not. Meeting with CSKA Moscow to Valery Georgievicha, given his Spartak”s roots, there will undoubtedly be special, as will the owners get hold of this evening points will largely depend on whether Karpin charge the integrity of the wards. Prediction: 1:1


Locomotive – 49 points. Spartacus – 44. CSKA – 41. Krasnodar – 40. Zenit – 39. Ufa – 34. Arsenal – 32. Ural – 28. Rubin, Rostov – on 27. Ahmad – 26. Dynamo – 24. Anzhi Tosno – 23. Amkar – 22. SKA – 12.


Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) – 12 goals (2 penalty). Alexander Kokorin (“Zenith”) – 10 (0) Quincy Of Promess (“Spartak”) – 10 (2). Eugene Markov (“Tosno”/”Dynamo”) – 9 (1). Jefferson Farfán (“Lokomotiv”) – 8 (0).

Scorers (goal+assist)

Quincy Of Promess (“Spartak”) – 10+6. Fedor Smolov (FC Krasnodar) – 12+3. Luiz Adriano (“Spartak”) – 8+6. Alexander Kokorin (“Zenith”) – 10+3. Viktor Klasson (Krasnodar) – 6+6.

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