For the first time SpaceX has launched a new rocket, the Falcon Heavy

Thom Baur

/ Reuters

Moscow, February 7 – AIF-Moscow.

Corporation SpaceX first launched into space a new powerful carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. The company is stream start.

Internet orbit and space tourism. Ambitious plans Ilona Mask

The rocket went on its first test flight from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral at 23:45 Moscow time on Tuesday, February 6.

Falcon Heavy is supposed to launch a Tesla Rodster. Driving a car is a mannequin in a space suit. Car is bright red color belongs to the head of SpaceX Elon musk. He had previously told the media that the decision to send into space a car from the personal collection adopted the “just so” to cause public concern.

Booster Falcon Heavy is created on the basis of the Falcon 9. Its first stage is equipped with a liquid rocket engine Merlin.

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