Foreign lending to Russia fell sharply after a short growth

After a brief growth in the third quarter in the last three months of last year saw a sharp decline in credit from abroad to Russian residents, companies, banks, citizens and the state. RBC after studying the latest report of the Bank for international settlements.


Uncertainty about possible new restrictive measures against Russia by the end of 2017 reached its intensity. To avoid mention of Russian assets in their documentation, non-residents have reduced investments in the country, writes the edition.

In the fourth quarter of the debt requirements of foreign financial institutions to Russian residents decreased by 8.05 billion compared to the third quarter.

Mainly the reduction had on the decline of foreign Bank loans to Russian residents and the withdrawal of deposits placed by non-residents.

For the fourth quarter of cross-border cooperation has decreased by 8,08 billion, despite steady growth since the beginning of the year. In the first three months saw an increase by 2 billion, in April – June – by 3.76 billion in the third quarter to 2.6 billion in U. S. currency.

This increase was not since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the introduction of the first sanctions against Russia. In the fourth quarter of 2014, the reduction in cross-border lending reached a high of $ 17.5 billion.

Observed at the end of last year, the reduction is not associated with new restrictive measures. But at that time discussed a possible ban by the United States to buy Russian debt. Experts attribute this phenomenon to the repayment of old debt of sanctioned companies, including banks, which are not refinanced abroad.

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