From Coon to Sberbank

Such a great holiday won’t even see in Korean Pyeongchang, where kicked off the winter Olympics. And on the same day that started White the 2018 Olympics, in Krasnaya Polyana and Sochi ended the VII Winter Sberbankiada. And there reigned only the sport and the positive: even the losers in a bitter struggle, he saw, was beaming with happiness…

“Nature has no bad weather!”in truth of the poet your correspondent also once again proved. That is not under the scorching winter sun, under the almost tropical rain, in almost a London fog, that indoor track had triumphed everywhere, the spirit is pure sport holiday. I would even say – courteously spirit, which is in places very distant from those inhabited by the father of the modern Olympic movement, was much more than in Lausanne, where the headquarters of the IOC.

That’s about it, I must admit, I thought at that moment, when in a high-mountainous complex “Laura” met our wonderful skier Alexander passenger cars. Which exactly four years ago, won, no gnawing here his well-deserved “gold” on a distance of 50 km. the very thing that later by unscrupulous and heartless officials from the International Olympic Committee tried to take away.

That’s just (spunem just in case, and knock on wood three times!) they did not work out. CAS (court of arbitration for Sport) recently returned to Sasha gold medal of the 2014 Games. I immediately hastened to congratulate passenger cars – except for this, tell me, you didn’t have to come to the Event? And immediately decided to learn impressions of the famous olimpioniks about what he sees.

You know, I for the first time at Sberbankiada is the answer. – Immediately struck by the high level of competition, without any exaggeration or hesitation. But it involved only Amateurs, no professionals! Besides, it’s not only the sports aspect is obvious, but purely professional benefits the Event brings. Such events unite the team. Believe any company, or such similar tournaments should be conducted. From them it is only the pros. The teams always work because there are differences. All sorts of friction at least – and at the time of the competition, people become closer, the problems are forgotten. And all return to work friends or even good friends.

– There’s a cultural program there. KVN not your favorite, but it was at the summer Sberbankiada, but still… Expect something to participate?

“No,” smiling openly, as he can only he, Sasha, – I plan to participate in the training. I’ve a career to complete not going. We must prepare for new starts. But here are present not only in the competition, looked, for example, and the opening ceremony.

How are you?

– Super, just an amazing show. What particularly struck – it was little kids. What was a magnificent performance, what a sincere genuine emotions! I looked at these children and realized: here’s who to invest energy and funds. Then they become Champions and glorify our country – Russia.

– And the whole Event, if you go back to it as appreciate?

– The level suitable for professional. According to the organization for sure!

…I wouldn’t argue with a great champion: contests employees of one of the largest employers in the country, has always paid great attention to support sports initiatives, was opened thanks to the leadership of the famous skater, now a wonderful choreographer Ilya Averbukh not less vividly than the largest competitions in the world. This, by the way, said in an interview with me and 3-time Olympic champion, the best hockey goalkeeper of our country’s history, Vladislav Tretiak.

Another would be: there are performances of famous singers, and masters of acrobatics, a representation of music from Soviet films snowboarders, and fascinating riding of famous Russian figure skaters, masters pair skating of Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov, as well as dancers Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov, amazing and incomparable performance of Alexei Yagudin.

Struck your correspondent at the opening and fans that have supported their branch of Sberbank of the soul, beautiful, but quite civilized. And what wonderful each team had mascots in modern sports, mascots. Will list them all: the seal (BB), Raccoon (CDH), cat (AWG), the Kitten from lizyukov street (of Central Chernozem), Fox (TEM), Silver Hoof (UB), the Astronaut (PVB), Misha and Masha (CRP), Moba and Mabasa (MB), Bear (Sib), Sunflower (PRETTY), Sparteca (SBT), Sberbank (Kazakhstan), Zubr (Belarus)…

Creative, right?

And now a bit of history. It is believed that the first Sberbankiada was held in Sochi in 2001. But in fact, their story starts earlier. The first competition took place in 1995, when the Moscow stadium “October” met the teams of Sberbank”s 10 regions. The participants competed in the following sports: football, shooting, swimming, track and field — cross relay race, weightlifting and arm wrestling.

In 2008 Sberbankiada for the first time outside of Russia and went abroad — in Ukraine. To participate in the games gradually began to connect the teams of subsidiary banks and companies. And the XI Summer Sberbankiada in 2014 and is held in Antalya (Turkey).

In 2016 the participants of the VI Winter Sberbankiada took the Olympic objects in Krasnaya Polyana. Masters cross-country skiing and biathletes competed at the stadium “Laura”, the skiers and snowboarders on the slopes of the ski resort “Mountain carousel”, the crossed hockey sticks on the ice “Galaxy” and “Rosa Khutor”. Participation of 22 teams from 7 countries — Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Slovenia and Austria.

In addition teams of Central office, territorial and subsidiary banks in Sochi was visited by teams of subsidiaries “Sberbank insurance” and “Sberbank-Technologies”.

And here – take two, if we talk about Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana. This year there have been directly competition in five sports: biathlon, Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and hockey.

All in All, the VII Winter Sberbankiada competed for 24 sets of medals. You can add to this, the hockey tournament took place 40 games, which was abandoned 185 goals – perfect the performance, which would have envied many of the commands of Continental hockey League!

Now call the names of the winners of the games. So:

Snowboard Anatoly Markov (CDH), Ivan Matveev (UB), Natalia Klimacheva (CA), Alla Isakov (SBT)

Alpine skiing: Mr. galouzine (Sib), Roman Lonchakov (Sib), Julia Glazkova (CRP), Ksenia Andrianova (PVB), Maxim Abdullin (BB)

Biathlon Mikhail Samokhvalov (PVB), Rinat Fatykhov (CDH), Elena Kalenkova (PVB), Maria Sorokina (CRP), Sibb (relay)

Ski race Peter Osipov (Thu), Artem Rusinov (CDH), Olga Artemyeva (PVB), Hope Vopilova (Sib), PVB (mixed relay), CA (torch heads), PVB (women’s relay), CA (men’s relay)

Hockey tournament: 1. Siberian bank. 2. far Eastern bank. 3. Moscow bank.

The distribution of seats in the team quest: 1. Volga Bank. 2. Sberbank Technology. 3. Central black earth Bank.

And finally – team competition: 1. Volga Bank. 2. Siberian bank. 3. Central office

…And most importantly not even that. The main thing – that the heads of Sberbank words with deeds. Their active sports told me and the President, the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref, which shows that it is in great shape.

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