From weapons to amber. Rostec presented a most unusual profession

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The International labor day rostec chose some unusual professions that are owned by employees of the Corporation.

Test weapons and means of protection (TSNIITOCHMASH)

Central research Institute of precision engineering specializiruetsya in the production of small arms, artillery, anti-tank weapons, combat hardware and ammunition of various types. The company has a modern research base on which tests are performed of the protection from body armor to armored vehicles. This is called “shelling”.

Engineer, the test Manager, conducts fire various forms of armor from various caliber of weapons: pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, large caliber rifles. Test Specialist must possess perfect knowledge safety knowledge in the field of physics of solids and strength of materials and have great experience with various types of weapons.

Named the most popular profession in Russia

The operator of the unmanned aerial vehicle (enterprise Russian Helicopters, Kalashnikov, Technoceramica)

The operator of the UAV is not a unique profession, but clearly, that the profession of this young and promising. Rostec opens centers in Russia for training courses. This is due to the fact that civilian and military purposes drones are being used increasingly. Programs are formed with the participation of leading Russian specialists in unmanned aircraft and the training on the modern equipment of both Russian and foreign manufacturers, which allows us to provide training to operators of all available and promising types of drones.

Photographer high-precision photolithography (research Institute of electronic devices)

Novosibirsk, NIIP develops and manufactures electronic equipment and control systems for various types of weapons and military equipment.

Photolithography in the Greek language means “to draw with light on the stone.” Photographer precision of photolithography is engaged in the transfer of the pattern of the chip of digital media on the glass photomask with a photosensitive coating. This is Photoplotter — specialized equipment and chemical solutions. The size of The elements of the resulting pattern of the chip is several tens of microns.

From the specialist requires increased concentration, patience, a jewelry technique specialized equipment. Educational training in this profession still does not lead any one UNIVERSITY.

Standing frames. Who are in demand on the labour market

Polisher blades (Engine company UEC-Saturn)

Company UEC-Saturn specializiruetsya in the production of gas turbine engines for aviation, power-generating and gas-pumping installations, ships at sea and seaside industrial facilities.

Turbine blades that are manually processed by the polisher, cause the motor to rotate. From how polished the blades of the turbine of the aircraft depends on the proper functioning of the engine and of the aircraft. Turbines in airplane engines can take from tens to hundreds of thousands rpm.

From a specialist polisher requires impeccable eye, the patience, the perfect possession of a wide range of equipment. This skill can be mastered only by practice directly in the workplace.

Artist hand painted fridges (POZIS)

POZIS is a leading engineering company of Russia, a manufacturer of major appliances and high-tech medical refrigerators. Pozis — the world’s only company specializing in the production of refrigeration equipment, offering its customers the service manual of the art of painting and decorating with Swarovski crystals.

Workshop appeared in the factory more than 20 years ago. Today it employs 10 professional artists. Each of them executes in a month for three exclusive fridge. The quality of the master answer personally autograph of the artist on every completed project.

Artists paint with oil paints on a convex metallic surface by using special technology multi-layer coating and plugging. This profession requires a creative approach, “hard hands” and possession of the technology application.

Sorter Yantar (Kaliningrad Amber Factory)

In the Kaliningrad region has the world’s only plant for industrial mining of amber in Kaliningrad amber plant. The share of the Kaliningrad region accounts for about 90% of the world’s amber deposits.

In manufacturing, after polishing in a drum, amber enters the sorter in the form of a mixture of amber and polishing bars. The problem of separation of these two fractions is solved by manual enumeration.

The sorter should have a high endurance, keen eyesight and knowledge of gemology.

Turner-programmer. How to become a work of the XXI century?

Operator vacuum deposition plants (plant acoustic equipment “Octave”)

The Oktava factory is the leading manufacturer of Studio microphones, telephone and microphone capsules, headsets and hearing AIDS.

One of the key stages of the production of microphones is the application of gold and aluminum deposition with a thickness of 4 microns.

The operator works on a vacuum-deposition unit, which is called a vacuum universal post. It consists of a vacuum chamber with transparent walls and energy supply system. During operation, as the voltage to a thousand volts. The quality of The spraying, the wizard checks visually. This is a unique specialist, the only one on the plant. He works at this facility since 1980.

Cryptographer (Concern “Automatics”)

JSC “Concern “Automatic” — the largest Russian enterprise for the information security and developing information security systems. Despite the fact that specialists in information security are many, the level of “protection of state secrets” is a Concern Automation of rostec state Corporation.

Programs and hardware used at the level of “protection of state secrets”, only in the course of work. The specialist in this field can become not less than 5 years of practical work. Specialists such level can be counted on the fingers of two hands.

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