German media have accused Poroshenko of concealment of income: the President will pay a fine

The next portion of the compromising evidence on the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, flushed the German edition of Deutsche Welle, has remained almost unnoticed against the background of other important world events. Meanwhile, the accusations against the head of Ukraine was in the midst of the Davos forum. And perhaps this may explain Nezalegnosti program of bilateral meetings Peter Alekseevicha on the forum…


The article “the Opaque business of Petro Poroshenko in Germany” was published on January 24. Plaintext of the President of Ukraine has charged that he’s hiding information about their companies operating abroad. “According to the requirements of the EU’s fight against money laundering Germany has established a record of transparency of companies. The President of Ukraine and his business partner apparently ignored the registry”, – is written in the article. German journalists reported that since 2011 in Germany, in the town of Elsteraue a plant for the production of starch, part of the holding of Petro Poroshenko “Ukrprominvest-agro”.

After Europe began the campaign against the concealment of income in offshore companies in Germany have created a registry where firms operating on German soil, was supposed to submit the names of their ultimate beneficiaries. First and foremost, of course, the Germans were interested in the company, whose owners are abroad and deliberately hide their assets through offshore companies. So, with this registry, the Ukrainian owners of the company in column “beneficiaries”…put a dash. They broke German law on combating money laundering. However, the meticulous German journalists found out that the stock plant is in Elsteraue was sold through a Cyprus company Camarin Limited, which is owned by the top Manager of “Roshen”Sergei Zaitsev.

I now remained in the hands of 75,05% stock starch factory. That is, the owner is still considered Camarin Limited. And 24,95% of the shares in 2016, the acquired company “Interstar Ukraine”, part of the holding of Petro Poroshenko “Ukrprominvest-agro”. Accordingly, in the column “beneficiary” was to be made of the names of Zaitsev and Poroshenko. But this was not done. German journalists also found that all key management positions in Germany are occupied by people from companies Poroshenko – the Supervisory Board of a German company headed by the General Director of “Ukrprominvest-agro” Eugene Saenko. And his Deputy is Andrian Kryachko, Director of the company “Interstar Ukraine”. And according to both German and Ukrainian law, a beneficiary is a person who exercises management control over the enterprise. And it is the decision of Poroshenko. By the way, the electronic Declaration of Ukraine Poroshenko also did not include information about the fact that he is the beneficiary of a German company. That is, hid his income from that asset.

In Germany, the company now Poroshenko will be punished. The German law on combating money laundering for concealing beneficiaries face a fine up to one hundred thousand euros. And in the case of repeated violation – up to one million euros.

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