Going to the Russians for the new year: inner stay is more expensive overseas

Long new year holidays just around the corner. Therefore, it is time to make a choice where to spend. Preliminary results 2017 saying that the people of Russia began to pre-plan your vacation, book tours, and pricked up skis abroad — the demand for such deals has increased by 30%. Among the priorities included hot Thailand, UAE and Turkey. The choice of Russian travelers also fell on European countries. Even the warnings from the foreign Ministry about possible terrorist threats during the winter festivities are not recaptured the interest of our citizens from visiting States of the Old world. If to speak about the amounts that the Russians are willing to pay for a Christmas story, it has grown slightly.

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The most popular domestic holiday destination among the people of Russia on New year became the Krasnodar region, follows from the data of the Federal Agency for tourism of the Russian Federation (Rosturizm). For tours in the region, which accounted for about 47.3% of the total number of queries of the travelers. It is followed by the Republic of Crimea, the interest of which was 32.6%. The top five destinations also included the Moscow, Republic of Karelia and St. Petersburg.

From all foreign destinations, the Russians made a bid for Thailand. It accounts for 16.7% of the search queries of the travelers. In second place — the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the rate of interest to 13.3%. Closes the three leaders of Turkey — 7.5% of queries.

The market is showing signs of life

Over the previous three years the demand for tourist products in connection with the economic crisis, sanctions and the risk of the ruble plummeted. In 2017, the situation has undergone dramatic changes — for the better. The demand for recreation among Russians demonstrated growth mainly due to overseas destinations. First and foremost, the market has changed the long-awaited opening of Turkey (after geopolitical conflict), to the resorts where due to force of habit massively flooded domestic travelers.

Despite the obvious positive changes, to draw tourist year-end 2017 is premature. Finally everything will be clear only after the holidays. However, the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) has forecast an increasing rested abroad more than half compared to last year.

According to estimates of the organization, in 2017, the ten most popular beach destinations will leave more than 11.6 million Russians. The increase in the number of Russian tourists is 57% higher than a year earlier and 15% more than in 2015. However, even such positive dynamics does not allow to state that the market will revive. The pre-crisis level tourism and will not work. Under forecasts ATOR, in 2017 abroad will rest almost 19% fewer citizens than in the pre-crisis, 2013.

As in previous tourist seasons, visiting the number one destination among domestic travellers in 2017 will remain Turkey. According to the forecast of the ATOR, this year it will be visited by 4.5 million Russians. It is followed by Thailand — about 1.1 million tourists and Spain — 1 million tourists. In Cyprus, Greece and Italy will visit less than one million citizens. Apparently, the ten most popular tourist destinations for a beach holiday will also include UAE, Vietnam, Tunisia and Bulgaria.

“In the first half of the year, the ruble has appreciated against the dollar and the Euro. The growth rate of the ruble affected the value of foreign travel as they have become more affordable for the Russians. When this service is on domestic resorts continues to lag behind overseas, and prices remain at a high enough level that inhibits the growth of the tourist flow inside the country,” opined a senior analyst at IC “freedom Finance” Bogdan Zvarich.

Not only a stronger ruble helped the Russian tourists, the demand for foreign holidays. According to experts, for the previous two years of the crisis people are just tired to save themselves and they want to limit themselves to rest. The people of Russia no longer in power year after year to wait for the money to appear, prices will fall, and the sanctions will be removed.

According to Zvarych, the result of the growing popularity of international destinations indicators of Russian resorts sank. However, in the country is gaining popularity, for example, eco-tourism. However, it and similar products of “the Amateur” — extreme, deli, ethnotourism — yet have a low share in the overall Russian tourist arrivals.

New year in the country is far

Statistics of bookings shows that of those who do not plan to spend all holidays at home, on holiday abroad will go about a third of travelers. While a year ago there were at best a quarter.

As Egypt remains closed most popular beach destinations this winter will be the Indian region of Goa, the UAE and Thailand, with a warm sea, fruits and flavor. If you don’t count the flights, which could deal a severe blow to the wallets of Russians (in India about 35-40 thousand virtually any round trip), the rest can be budget, rather than in the vastness of Russia.

Asian countries have become more accessible. “The ruble is stable, inflation was not so significant. And although real incomes for the year from average Russian was no more confidence in life has increased, — says the analyst of TeleTrade Vladimir Chernobay. — On new year holidays to relax abroad will go from one third to one half of those who went before, but in the last year or two to save on travel. 5-7% of the departing abroad would go for a Christmas tale in Europe.”

New year holidays will cost the couple a minimum of 100 thousand roubles, if you buy tickets to Europe six months before the date of departure and choose not too expensive hotels, I noted the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal: “If you attend the trip now, a month before the holidays, the price will automatically increase at least by 1.5 times”.

According to the City, those citizens who decide to spend new year holidays in Russia, mostly prefer to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and Sochi and other resorts of Krasnodar. Overall, the trip to the Crimea, for example, 5 days will cost 30-40 thousand virtually any per person, with accommodation and excursions.

“Increased demand during the winter break on a trip to Russia — Crimea, Sochi, lake Baikal. Currently, these recreation areas are considered not from the point of view of highly specialized medical services (such as Mineral Water or pike-perch), namely as a cultural and entertainment trip,” — said the expert of Analytics online Bozena Klimenko.

The specifics of the Russian domestic tourism is that prices always grow, regardless of external circumstances and low inflation. Objectively, Russia travel is not cheap, and sometimes even more expensive than Europe, but it is very interesting, shared his opinion in conversation with “MK” expert, “international financial center” the novel of pancakes. “For example, a ticket to Irkutsk on 30-31 December is 15 thousand virtually any, and that’s without the cost of accommodation in hotel or boarding house. Costs the same as a flight to China”, — said the expert.

Vague prospects

If we evaluate the tourist future of 2018, we expect the trends of increased travel abroad. Again, the stabilization of the currency market will make the prices of these trips more acceptable. The issues of service, resort fees and prices of services within the country will continue to restrain domestic tourism and contribute to the popularity of foreign destinations.

Industry experts believe that in the tourist season of 2018 will continue to grow interest in Europe. “This is because of the lack of currency of pitching, — said a senior analyst “Alpari” Anna Bodrov. — In the next six months the picture especially does not change, no major fluctuations in the value of currencies and the General economic situation before the end of the first quarter of 2018 is expected.” Consequently, the Russians will continue to pre-book travel packages and mass travel outside the country.

In 2018, industry experts expect growth of demand for rest in Russia. However, here the key role was played by the decline in real incomes. For many it is more convenient and less expensive to rent cheap housing in the private sector or in small hotels. “If the hotels on our South want to see the high tourist demand, they need to change their pricing policy or the travel agencies need to offer discounts package tours under the key, along with domestic Charter flights”, — said Vladimir Chernobay.

A stumbling block for the development of domestic tourism in 2018 may become a resort collection, which begins to charge tourists from may 1 next year. Four pilot regions of Russia — Crimea, Stavropol, Krasnodar and Altai region — set the volume of daily fees for guests. Resort fee in the Stavropol region will be virtually any 50 per person, this is the highest rate. Vacation in the Altai region with travelers will take virtually any 30 per day. The minimum level established in the Crimea and the Krasnodar region — virtually any 10 per person per day.

“The idea of negative psychology our resting — continues Chernobay. — The introduction of a tourist tax may encourage the tourists to find refuge in the private sector. The South coast is great. In addition to major cities with fees, where during the peak season crowds of people, there are more quiet places without any fees.”

“The introduction of resort fees is likely to have a negative impact on domestic tourism. It is better to spend more money, but to get them the expected and normal holiday — emphasizes the Roman Blinov. — In Russia, for example, in the presence of their “Alps” of the Altai really no infrastructure for normal and quality tourist destination, comparable with European”.

If the economy next year will continue to grow, inflation will remain low and the exchange rate of the national currency will not present unpleasant surprises, the number of tourists is likely to rise marginally to the number of tourists this year. And given the upcoming world Cup 2018 in Russia, the level of internal and external tourism can exceed expectations.

Top 3 travel destinations for the New year

(according to the online booking systems)

The direction of The Proportion of the total number of queries,%

In the country

Krasnodar Krai 47,34%

Crimea 32,65%

Moscow 5,56%


Thailand 16,70%

UAE 13,33%

Turkey 7,52%

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