Help at home. Nurses caring for disabled citizens

Photo: Grigoriy Vasilenko

/ RIA Novosti

In Moscow to create a home-care service on the basis of the Moscow clinics. For disabled Muscovites, but also for patients with severe chronic diseases with no possibility for movement or self-care doctors and nurses from 24 Moscow clinics. The initiator of the project for the consolidation of these patients, dedicated doctors and nurses, were the capital Department of health.

In June of this year the Moscow Government approved the grant, under which doctors and nurses providing medical nursing care at home for special working conditions additionally paid 25 thousand and 15 thousand roubles a month, — told the head of Department Alexey Khripun. — The money has already entered the clinic and began to get involved in the project. Currently, the registry of such patients has actually formed, it includes more than 20 thousand people. Full system should be up and running in December. We work closely with colleagues from social services and do everything possible to help disabled Muscovites was the most effective and affordable.

To support physicians. The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation will support volunteers and volunteer

According to Khripun, now the project involved 60 doctors and 130 nurses. In the future their number will increase. The establishment of nursing service at polyclinic allows at least to double the number of medical home visits and provides more opportunities for implementation of skilled nursing care for such patients.

The grants, allowing to provide additional payments to employees of nursing service at the clinics will be allocated on a quarterly basis depending on the number of appropriate staff.

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