Hockey, Russia vs Canada: the announcement of the main events of the sports weekend

The national team of Russia will play against Canada at the First channel Cup, Tottenham will be tested by the leader of the English Premier League and the Russian team will try to climb on the podium at the third stage of the world Cup. About these and other events in the traditional sports announcement this weekend.


The main event

Hockey. The Euro tour. The First channel Cup

Russia – Canada. 16 Dec. 17:00 (live broadcast on “the First channel”)

Russia – Finland. 17 Dec. 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

Wednesday in Moscow the second stage of Euro tour – first channel Cup. In addition to the usual Quartet from Europe – Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland in this tournament will involve teams… of Canada and South Korea. On the opening day of the tournament the teams have met each other – and almost was a sensation. Asians gave battle to the Americans, but lost 2:4. However, are the Canadians and the South Koreans out of the contest.

On Thursday, the Russian team will meet with the Swedes, and, this weekend, our players can go to the court against the Canadians and Finns.

Under the banner of the national team head coach Oleg Znarok called 27 players. 25 of them are two army clubs – CSKA Moscow and SKA St. Petersburg. Only the goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin and defender Ilya Lyubushkin in favor of Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” and Yaroslavl “the locomotive” accordingly.

The canadian national team is represented mainly players from the Kontinental hockey League, among which there are such stars as: Matt Robinson (CSKA Moscow), Chris Lee (metallurg M), Brandon Kozun (“Lokomotiv”) and Linden vey (“Barys”).

The last time the Russian hockey players won the First channel Cup in 2014.

The shortlist

Football. English Premier League

“Manchester City” – “Tottenham” (London). 16 Dec. 20:30 (live on “Match TV”)

On Wednesday Manchester city has renewed the record of the English Premier League. The League leaders have won 15 times in a row in the tournament and improved the achievement of the Arsenal. The superiority of the team of Josep Guardiola this season over the rest of the clubs noted even Jose Mourinho. After the defeat in the Manchester Derby head coach of “Manchester United” suggested that the title race this year in England, apparently, ended.

Tottenham last weekend ended a four-game series without a win in the domestic championship. London club is in fourth place in the standings, but Saturday’s opponents well behind by 18 points. The main asset of the capital team should be striker Harry Kane. England player comes second in the list of top scorers and 7 of their twelve goals scored in away matches.

For Manchester city, no defense in this season’s Premier League is not a mystery: in each of the 17 games of the season, the bulls were scoring. And Mauricio Pochettino have to smash his head over how not to give at the gate “Tottenham” agüero and his partners in the attack.

See also in the Premier League:

“Chelsea” (London) – “Southampton”. 16 Dec. 18:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 1”)

“Bournemouth” – “Liverpool”. 17 Dec. 19:30 (live on “Match! Football 1”)

Football. The Championship Of France

Lyon – Marseille. 17 Dec. 23:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 1”)

While PSG leads the French League with a lead of nine points, his immediate pursuers – “Lyon” and “Marseille” – out of relations among themselves.

Sunday on the field in Lyon will do equal rivals. The team scored in the 17th round of 35 points (the same number in the “Monaco) and conceded same number of goals. The hosts are playing this season more than scoring (42 goals against 35 – visitors), but the “Marseille” series of 12 matches without a defeat in the national championship.

Both clubs Wednesday simultaneously flew out of the Cup of the French League. On the 1/8 finals “Lyon suffered a stinging defeat by Montpellier (1:4), and the Marseille team lost on penalties “Renn”.

Also see the championship of France:

Rennes – PSG (Paris). 16 Dec. 19:00

Biathlon. The world Cup. 3rd stage

Sprint. 10 km Men. 15 Dec. 17:15 (live on channels “Match TV”, “Eurosport 1”)

Pursuit. 10 km Women. 16 Dec. 13:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

Pursuit. 12.5 km Men. 16 Dec. 16:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

The mass start. 12.5 km Women. 17 Dec. 13:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

The mass start. 15 km Men. 17 Dec. 16:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

In Annecy France women’s sprint race kicks off the third stage of the biathlon world Cup. In the first two stages athletes from Russia failed to get on the podium. The closest thing to it was women. Four women’s relay in Hochfilzen stopped in a step from it – took fourth place.

In the individual competition the best among the Russian biathletes Anton Shipulin. He closes the top ten athletes this season. The leader after two stages, the Frenchman Martin Fourcade. Followed by Johannes boe of Norway and Slovakia”s Jakov FAK.

Among women better than other acts this season, the representative of Finland”s Kaisa Makarainen, which has not yet won any races this year. Behind her in the “table of ranks” followed by Marte olsbu and Synneve Solemdal. Russia’s Ekaterina Yurlova-Part located on the 17th place in the overall standings.

The Russian team in France is almost unchanged compared to the world Cup in Hochfilzen. In Annecy will perform Anton Babikov, Evgeny Garanichev, Matvey Eliseev, Alexander Loginov, Maxim Tsvetkov and Anton Shipulin. Women’s participation in the competition will be Ekaterina Yurlova, Tatyana Akimova, Irina Starykh, Victoria Slivko and Svetlana Mironova. Olga Podchufarova in France did not go by his own decision.

Professional Boxing. The battle for the title of WBO International heavyweight title

Alexander Povetkin (Russia) – Christian Hammer (Romania). Magomed Kurbanov (Russia) – Akinori Watanabe (Japan). 15 Dec. 19:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

On Friday, the Russian Alexander Povetkin will fight against the German boxer Romanian Christian hammer. In this match, at stake will stand the title of WBO International. Moreover, the winner will be able to compete for the title of the mandatory Challenger for the title of world champion under version WBO in heavy weight.

During the weigh-in was that Povetkin easier opponent to 15 kg. both the doping test athletes will take place after the fight.

The assets of the hammer 22 wins (12 by knockout) and four defeats. On account Povetkin 32 wins (23 by knockout) and one defeat.

The long list

Football. The Championship Of Italy

Torino (Turin) – “Napoli” (Naples). 16 Dec. 20:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 2”)

Atalanta (Bergamo) – Lazio (Rome). 17 Dec. 22:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

Football. The Championship Of Spain

“Barcelona” – “Valencia”. 16 Dec. 20:30

Football. German Bundesliga

“Eintracht” (Frankfurt) – Schalke (Gelsenkirchen). 16 Dec. 17:30

“Borussia” (Dortmund) – “Hoffenheim (Sinsheim). 16 Dec. 20:30 (live on “Match! Football 3”)

Football. Club world Cup

The final. Gremio (Brazil) – Madrid (Ispne). 16 Dec. 20:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 1”)

Hockey. NHL. The regular season

“Boston Bruins” – “Washington Capitals”. 15 Dec. 03:00

“St. Louis Blues” – “Winnipeg Jets”. 17 Dec. 03:00

Basketball. Euroleague. Men. The regular season

CSKA (Russia) – “Makkabi” (Israel). 15 Dec. 20:30 (live on “Match! Game”)

Basketball. United League. The regular season

“Lokomotiv-Kuban” (Krasnodar) – “Zenit” (St. Petersburg). 16 Dec. 14:30 (broadcast on the channel “Match TV” at 17:30)

Handball. Championship of the world. Women

The final. 17 Dec. 19:30 (live on “Match! Game”)

Skiing. World Cup

Women. 10 km. 16 Dec. 13:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Our sport”)

Men. 15 km. on December 16. 15:30 (live on “Match! Our sport”)

Women. Pursuit 10 km, 17 Dec. 13:30 (live on “Match! Our sport”)

Men. Pursuit 15 km. 17 Dec. 15:30 (live on “Match! Our sport”)

Bobsleigh and skeleton. World Cup

Skeleton. Men. 1st attempt. 15 Dec. 12:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

Skeleton. Men. 2nd attempt. 15 Dec. 13:30 (live on “Match TV”)

Skeleton. Women. 15 Dec. 16:00, 17:30 (live on “Match! Arena”)

Bobsled. Women. 16 Dec. 11:30, 13:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Planet”)

Bobsled. Two. 16 Dec. 15:30, 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

Bobsled. Four. 2nd try. 17 Dec. 17:30 (live on “Match! Arena”)

Luge. The world Cup. The fifth stage. 15-16 December (live broadcasts on the channel “Eurosport 1”)

Volleyball. The world championship among clubs. Men

The final. 17 Dec. 22:30 (live on “Match! Our sport”)

Beach soccer. “Mundialito de clubes over over the 2017”

“The Locomotive” (Russia) – Botafogo (Brazil). 15 Dec. 15:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

“The Locomotive” (Russia) – Corinthians (Brazil). 16 Dec. 16:10 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Game”)

The final. 17 Dec. 17:30 (live on “Match! Planet”)

Mixed martial arts. Fight Nights

Vitaly Minakov (Russia) – Tony Johnson (USA). 16 Dec. 19:30 (live on “Match! The fighter”)

Mixed martial arts. WFCA

Aleksander Emelianenko (Russia) – Virgil Zwicker (USA). Abdul-Rahman Dudaev (Russia) Alexey Naumov (Ukraine). 17 Dec. 19:30 (live on “Match! The fighter”)

Swimming. The championship of Europe on the “short water”. 15-17 Dec. 19:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

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