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Where it all went?

Tomorrow at Technopolis “Moscow” will be completed in qualifying competitions of professional skills WorldSkills standards. For the right to participate in the final of the VI National championship of WorldSkills Russia – 2018 fighting 1 thousand participants from 71 regions.

The first competition for professionals held on the Iberian Peninsula. In 1946, when Europe was dominated by the post-war devastation, plumbers Spain and Portugal argued, who from them the best. With the participation of other countries was developed by the international valuation standard, and it went.

To promote the work of the profession and raise the status and level of professional training and qualifications for international competitions – these are today’s challenges non-profit Association WorldSkills International.

The difficult thing – the choice of profession. Who will help the student to find a place in your life?

Today in this global movement involves 79 countries, Russia joined in 2012, and the first world championship in Leipzig domestic team went in 2013. At the last international competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017, our country took 1st place in the team standings.

According to local experts, Russia is important to educate many professionals who can transfer their skills further. Now in WorldSkills Russia involved all regions of the country, the latest the team comprised of Karelia.

The capital this year provided for the elimination stage 14 venues of Moscow colleges and Academy DMG MORI. The main venue – Technopolis “Moscow”. The competition is held at the 38 competencies among the participants from 16 to 22 years and among students aged 14-16 years. WorldSkills Junior national qualifying stage for the first time – youth, as they say, breathes in the back.

What’s next will?

Competitions for young professionals – a serious and responsible. At the qualifiers of the national championship random people can’t be – the guys come here after College and regional stages.

At the world Championships a contestant may visit only once. This condition is incredibly motivated to be the best of the best.

Job – a set of modules that upon execution, the experts evaluate on a huge sheet of criteria. It should be noted that each year the tasks become more complicated 30%, to meet the needs of modern industry.

“The main objective of the whole system is the integration of secondary education into the real economy, – says Director of the Moscow state educational complex Igor Artemyev. – For example, the competence “Polimekhanika and automation” on our territory would not have occurred, not whether serious interest in specific employers, and the Union of machine builders of Russia”.

Abu Dhabi is afraid of the master. Who brought Russia the victory in the championship of WorldSkills?

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“Any extra locksmith” – now this scheme work very much. The company gives the school a certain order to prepare the exact number of specialists. The result of The student’s training is often not only a job, but even the amount of salaries and budget place in a prestigious University. To the winners of WorldSkills special attention. In short, best best.

From the drawing to the finished prototype model is not a single step. And in the process becomes a masterpiece of industrial design, a model of flawless execution. But the models with the different – Gorny gazebo, the robot software and much more. 10 days of creative work in Moscow venues is seething and boiling.

The national final for 62 competencies will be held from 8 to 12 August in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And then – the European Championships in Budapest and the world, Kazan-2019 in the capital of Tatarstan.

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